Harvard, MIT Researchers Discovered SARS CoV-2 Can Integrate Into Human DNA

Viral RNA sequences in SARS-CoV-2 can become fused into the DNA of the infected human cell through a reverse transcription mechanism, according to a 2021 peer-reviewed study by Harvard and MIT researchers.

This could explain why PCR tests turn up positive in recovered COVID-19 patients, especially with the high cycles used in testing (and even higher cycles for the unvaccinated.)

RNA is different than mRNA, so hopefully they study what the Pfizer and Moderna mRNA “instructions” are doing, besides telling your cells to make trillions of spike proteins, which may or may not lodge into your blood vessels or cause antibody-dependent enhancement with a cytokine storm when you encounter another biological weapon or SARS variant.

“Transcription of the integrated DNA copies could be responsible for positive PCR tests long after the initial infection was cleared.”

2021 study

Research showed SARS CoV-2 can also fuse into chromosomes, so who knows what this means for pregnant women and future generations. And remember, the CDC has admitted the vaccines don’t stop you from getting COVID-19, but allegedly make mild cases milder.

Gain of function courtesy your tax dollars and Dr. Fauci.

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