When You Shall Hear of Wars and Rumors of Wars…

U.S.-Russia talks over Ukraine failed after a suspicious coup attempt in Kazakhstan, followed by a Putin threat to deploy “military infrastructure” in Cuba and Venezuela.

Hunter Biden’s close friend and former Kazakh security chief Karim Massimov was arrested for treason during the attempted revolution in Kazakhstan.

Biden has subsequently began construction of a mysterious concrete barricade around the White House.

AP graphic from October 23, 1962, from a similar situation:

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  • South Korea’s military says a North Korean missile reached hypersonic speeds last week.
  • The Iranian supreme leader Ayatollah Khamenei’s website published an animated video depicting an assassination attempt of Donald Trump, in retaliation for the killing of Iranian General Soleimani. (below)

Ukraine graphic from The Sun.uk

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The January 6 Setup

Revolver News recently exposed how the January 6 “Fedsurrection” was likely orchestrated by FBI informants and others, who deliberately led and funnelled the crowd into the Capitol, yet remain unprosecuted.

Their end game could be to convict Trump of violating the Insurrection Act and thus bar him from public “office”. There is debate on that among lawyers, since the presidency is not legally an “office”. 

Legal hurdles seem unlikely to stop them. They did impeach Trump for something Biden actually did.

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Tensions Tighten Before Biden’s Play Date With Putin

After the embarrassing Alaska meeting with China and the Afghanistan withdrawal disaster, the Biden foreign policy team is threatening to remove Russia from the SWIFT international payment system, ahead of Biden-Putin peace talks via video call on Tuesday.

Both Russia and NATO have been building up troops along the Ukraine-Russia border. Biden has pledged to send reinforcements to Ukraine should Russia invade.

SWIFT connects 11,000 banks in over 200 countries, but Russia boasted it is prepared.

2013 FLASHBACK: Obama backs down against Putin over Syria red line

NEW ALLIANCE: India and Russia strike trade and arms deal

BACKGROUND: How the Soros secret network used Ukraine to cover for Hillary, Hunter and target Trump

Meme hat tip DrDMemes.

Infographic courtesy The Sun

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Kenosha Kid Goes Free

Despite Joe Biden feeling “angry and concerned”, a Wisconsin jury found Kyle Rittenhouse not guilty on all counts.

The media and the Left turned a case of self defense into a trial about race and thought crime, nudging the nation towards civil unrest. They tried hard to convict:

  • MSNBC attempted jury intimidation by following jurors.
  • Police officer was fired for contributing to the Rittenhouse defense fund.
  • GoFundMe shut down the Rittenhouse defense fund.
  • The defense attorney awkwardly pointed a rifle at the jury.
  • NYT delayed a story on riot-destroyed Kenosha businesses facing insurance troubles until after the presidential election.
  • The FBI delayed releasing footage of Rittenhouse offering medical help to random people during the riots. (Jan. 6 videos have been delayed as well.)
  • Whoever tweets for Joe Biden, framed Rittenhouse as a white supremacist. (see below)

But in the end, the prosecution’s star witness admitted to aiming his gun at RIttenhouse while advancing towards him, forcing Rittenhouse to fire in self defense.

Hat tip to Storm Chaser for AR-15 tips.

Post-verdict update from CNN on Saturday night: “There’s nothing more frightening today than an angry White Man”

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Nations to Meet in China for Newest Globalist Land Grab for the Common Good

The “30 for 30 land-grab” is back in business, as nations have agreed to gather at Kunming, China in April, 2022 to carve up 30% of Earth’s land for “conservation” in the hands of bureaucrats.

Sustainable development goals pushed by Agenda 2030 and the World Economic Forum hope to protect 30% of the globe’s surface by 2030, which sounds great until you factor in Marxist social justice and loss of sovereignty to corrupt career bureaucrats and the globalist corporations they serve. 

Joe Biden has already committed to the “30 for 30” plan via executive order.

The above map was created by Michael S. Coffman to successfully help Congress stop the previous United Nation’s Convention on Biological Diversity land grab in the mid-1990s. Coffman interpretated the UN’s written plans of corridors and reserves into map form. (Archived site)

Now more things make sense…

  1. Biden moving Bureau of Land Management (BLM) from Colorado to Washington D.C.
  2. American land increasingly foreign-owned.
  3. Bill Gates becoming largest private U.S. owner of farmland.
  4. Biden “choosing” alleged eco-terrorist and population control advocate Tracy Stone-Manning to lead the (BLM).

Stone-Manning was allegedly involved with tree-spiking, where trees are sabotaged with metal spikes to prevent harvesting. Allegedly, she flipped on her friends for immunity and escaped prison time. 

“When we [In the West] have children, the planet feels it more. Do the truly smart thing. Stop at one or two kids.”

Stone Manning in graduate thesis

Stone-Manning also wrote numerous advertisements as part of her thesis, including the one below:

The Trump Administration had moved the Bureau of Land Management to Colorado to be closer to the people it serves and shifted land-use power back to local and state decision making.

Biden is going the opposite direction.

BIden leans in for the sniff, Feb. 2012 (image above not photoshopped).

Map courtesy Heritage Foundation.

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‘While We Sleep’ the State Expands, But People Are Fighting Back

The 2012 trailer for “Gray State” (see above) is from an unfinished film project depicting a world eerily foreshadowing how our COVID-19 immunity passport, surveillance state might end.

Iraqi war veteran David Crowley used the viral trailer to successfully gather more funding for the independent movie. Then, in December, 2014, Crowley and his family died.

The official story is Crowley shot his wife and daughter and then himself, joining a long list of official narratives like Epstein killed himself, PCR tests are accurate and Biden’s $3.5-trillion spending bill won’t cost nuthin.

The trailer’s “while we sleep” line reminded us how organizations are working full-time supplying “strategic intelligence” (see below) to incompetent, blackmailed Marxist politicans on how to use COVID-19 to infect every nook of human civilization.

But there is good news! Common sense is rising, and people are resisting peacefully…

Resistance is not futile.

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