An Alleged Obama-Biden-China Secret South China Sea Deal Revealed

An April, 2016 screengrab of Hunter Biden meeting with Barack Obama in the Oval Office was taken by the Bidens to show the Chinese Communist Party a South China Sea deal was done, according to GTV.

(Above infographic from Lude Media)

During the Obama Administration, China had militarily built up shallow islands in the South China Sea, a region where Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Taiwan have made territorial claims.

In June, 2016, retired Japanese Admiral Sumihiko Kawamura described Obama’s response to China’s buildup in the region as “almost entirely meaningless.”

Chinese dissident Miles Guo owns GTV and has vowed to destroy the Communist party.

FURTHER REVEALS: In addition to shady pay-for-play deals in China, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Oman, Serbia and elsewhere, Hunter Biden received rich gifts from the son of one of Mexico’s richest men.

CAUGHT ON TAPE: Hunter Biden recorded his anger at the disappearance of his billionaire business partner Ye Jianming of CEFC China.

PLAUSIBLE DENIABILITY:” Tony Bobulinski tells Tucker Carlson the Biden family shrugged off concerns about risk to 2020 bid

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Love Toon: Biden Scandal Grows As Business Partners Provide Evidence

Documents from the Biden family’s former business partners reveal further ventures involving Chinese interests, with Hunter Biden pressing for more money in the pay-for-play deals allegedly providing access to the White House.

“I can’t keep my toe in other things. I will need a hell of a lot more than 850 p/y on a monthly basis.”

Hunter Biden demanding more than $850,000 per year in “Project USA China”

Business partner Tony Bobulinski confronted Jim Biden, Joe’s brother, about the Bidens’ other side deals going on behind his back and Jim responded “go f*ck yourself” and hung up the phone.

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Biden Crime Family’s Connections Forbidden From Debate Discussion

Hunter Biden, who has flown on Air Force 2 at least 411 times, was allegedly paid millions by Burisma, China Inc., and the richest woman in Russia, Elena Baturina, with half of all proceeds allegedly kicked up to Joe Biden.

Details of the Joe Biden crime family have risen from the abandoned laptops of Hunter Biden, but it was old news for investigative reporter Peter Schweizer who wrote in 2018, “as both Joe Biden and John Kerry negotiated sensitive and high-stakes deals with foreign governments, Rosemont entities secured a series of exclusive deals often with those same foreign governments.”

Business associates of Hunter Biden have gone to prison for defrauding the Oglala Sioux Indian tribe in a $60 million fraud case in 2014-15, but a judge overturned the conviction of Devon Archer, friend of John Kerry.

Tony Bobulinski, a Navy veteran and former business associate of Hunter Biden, witnessed the Bidens’ wrongdoing in 2017 and disassociated himself.

“I realized the Chinese were not really focused on a healthy financial [return on investment]. They were looking at this as a political or influence investment. Once I realized that Hunter wanted to use the company as his personal piggy bank by just taking money out of it as soon as it came from the Chinese, I took steps to prevent that from happening.”

Tony Bobulinski

Questions regarding Hunter Biden have already been dismissed for tonight’s debate, whose moderator, Kristen Welker, is a former registered Democrat, who even spent a holiday with the Obamas in 2012 (pictured below).

The supposedly bipartisan debate commission has secret dark money donors and even added a third socialist board member in October 2019.

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Meme of the Day: Biden Puts Lid on Campaign Until Thursday’s Debate

The Joe Biden campaign has decided to hide their candidate until Thursday’s debate at 9 p.m. ET on NBC, thus avoiding any questions about Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Hunter Biden abandoned several laptops at a computer repair shop, with evidence of an international Biden family pay-for-play scheme, involving Ukraine and China.

This leaves the media to help cover for Biden and hide the evidence from main stream news consumers.

The next debate moderator is NBC News White House correspondent Christine Welker who took her father to the Obama’s White House Christmas Party in 2012 and whose family has donated thousands to Obama and Biden.

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Biden Family Busted on Bribe Deals, Social Media Giants Suppress Info

The Biden family allegedly setup a pay-for-play system, where family members sold access to Joe Biden, and half the proceeds would be given to Joe.

Information was found on an abandoned hard drive left by Joe Biden’s scandal-plagued son Hunter Biden at a computer repair shop.

The difference between this and the fake Russiagate hoax and Trump impeachment is that there is actual evidence, which social media giants have been working overtime to suppress online.


Joe Biden’s brother James was also allegedly involved in other influence peddling deals with Americore Health, and a failed $1.5 billion Iraq housing contract deal.

All of this after President Trump was impeached for what Vice President Joe Biden boasted about doing himself.

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Garrison Toon: Pelosi’s 25th Nervous Breakdown

Democrats wasted over three years of America’s time with Russiagate, Ukrainegate and impeachment, now Nancy Pelosi is forming a “Commission on Presidential Capacity.” to explore new ways to use the 25th amendment to remove a “future president” from office.

“This is not about President Trump,” but about creating “a process for future presidents.”

Nancy Pelosi

If the polls predict a Joe Biden victory why would Pelosi need to remove a President? She is either lying, wants a President Kamala Harris or this is another distraction en route to the elite’s 2021 “Great Reset.”

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Biden’s Tax Returns Reveal He Eluded Obamacare Taxes

The media is obsessed with President Trump’s taxes yet fail to scrutinize Joe Biden, whose returns reveal he dodged the “high income” tax written into the socialist Obamacare program.

Biden’s income skyrocketed from $400,000 to $11 million after leaving office.

To avoid paying the 0.9% “high-income” tax on wages in Section 9015 of Obamacare, he funneled his book royalties and speaking fees through two corporations, CelticCapri Corporation and Giacoppa Corporation, and listed his earnings as corporate profits.

Do as thou wilt, apparently.

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Debate 2020: Eyes and Earpieces on Biden’s Body Language

Joe Biden and President Donald Trump are scheduled to debate in Cleveland Tuesday, September 29 at 9 p.m. ET, during six 15-minute commercial-free segments moderated by Fox News’ Chris Wallace.

Viewers from both parties are wondering if Biden can get through 90 minutes without assistance. He recently pulled a “Ron Burgundy” reading the words “end of quote.”

Mandy O’Brien of Bombard’s Body Language has analyzed a Biden town hall, where she pointed out when Biden appeared to be using a listening device.


  • Oct. 7 in Salt Lake City (Harris/Pence)
  • Oct. 15 in Miami (Biden/Trump)
  • Oct. 22 in Nashville (Biden/Trump)

Earpiece information from Monorean (Not an advertisement.)

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Varvel Toon: Senate Report Details Hunter Biden’s Enrichment From Oligarchs and Communists

The richest woman in Russia, Elena Baturina, wire transferred $3.5 million to Hunter Biden’s investment firm, according to an 87-page Senate report released this week. Baturina is the widow of the former Moscow mayor Yury Luzhkov.

11 more wire transfers from Baturina were funneled through Rosemont Seneca (the investment firm founded by Biden and Chris Heinz, the stepson of John Kerry) to a startup technology company called BAK USA that produced tablet computers with Chinese business partners.

The Senate report details further business associations with Chinese Communists involving millions of dollars, including a $100,000 slush fund for James Biden, the brother of Joe Biden.

Some of the transactions are linked to what “appears to be an Eastern European prostitution or human trafficking ring.”

Hunter Biden served on the board of Burisma in Ukraine, when its owner Mykola Zlochevsky allegedly paid a $7 million bribe to corruption investigators.

Joe Biden boasted about demanding a “quid pro quo” to get a Ukrainian prosecutor fired in exchange for U.S. aid.

See more toons from the talented Gary Varvel.

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