CDC Falsifying COVID-19 Data by Lowering PCR Test Cycles, ONLY For Vaccinated

The CDC’s instructions for PCR testing of vaccinated COVID-19 “breakthrough cases” is biased to lower vaccinated numbers compared to the unvaccinated.

Higher PCR test cycles lead to higher false positives. Anthony Fauci let it slip in July, 2020 that any cycle threshold above 35 is useless.

PCR tests for the vaccinated are done at a lower cycle threshold of 28 or under.

PCR tests for the unvaccinated can be done up to 40 cycles, which is ridiculously high and could find anything in anybody.

We can not trust these people.


RULES FOR TESTING THE VACCINATED: CDC’s “Information for Laboratories” ( Starting June 30 2021, the link at CDC began redirecting to a “Packing and Shipping” page. (see screengrab below)

RULES FOR TESTING THE UNVACCINATED: “Instructions for Use” linked to from CDC PCR page.

Do you think this Administration would punish states with low vaccination rates?

If only there was a way…

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