COVID-19 Natural Origins Theory Falling Apart As Elites Pimp Forgiveness

Any coronavirus that could have escaped a Wuhan lab or wet market would have naturally burned itself out, according to biologist John Couey of Gigaohm Biological, sparking a theory how the initial outbreaks were lab-enhanced, spread deliberately and overly-hyped in order to mass inject the world.

In the cells of human bodies, natural coronaviruses replicate with many errors. The vast majority of virus particles our bodies create when infected by coronaviruses are replication incompetent. Other scientists agree with Couey on this point, like Dr. Robert Malone.

To get a large swarm of infectious, error-free coronavirus clones, they must be made in a lab, replicated using bacteria, inside polymerase or cell cultures, according to Couey. But once released into nature they would still burn themselves out due to copying errors, similar to SARS in 2003, unless deliberated modified for other purposes.

All signs thus point to a gain of function creation, which burned itself out, was used to get the world injected, advance immunity passport technology tied to a digital currency, and is now causing excess deaths and declining birthrates worldwide.


  1. Lab-made coronavirus released in strategic spots. (It’s been done before and recently researched.)
  2. Faulty PCR tests inflate the spread.
  3. Lockstep lockdowns inflate death toll.
  4. CDC pushes faulty guidelines from the WHO.
  5. Leaders put sick, elderly together (see Cuomo), insist on ventilators and other products increasing death toll.
  6. Doctors censored and suppressed, early treatments demonized.
  7. Flu, influenza and other types of death reclassified as COVID-19.
  8. Media hypes vaccines as our saviour.
  9. Untested mRNA injections redefined as vaccines.
  10. mRNA injections mandated for many.
  11. Natural, temporary decline in deaths falsely attributed to injections.
  12. Injection-induced all-cause mortality continues to rise, birth rates decline.

Consider Five Eyes was kept secret since the 1960s, until Edward Snowden whistleblew in 2013.

The injection pushers are now calling for amnesty and forgiveness, without apologizing or admitting wrong. They would do it again.

Hopefully a Nuremberg 2.0 can convene after the U.S. midterms.

SOURCE: John Couey’s Gigaohm Biological long form interviews and videos.

Excess mortality graphic above from

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Above, John Couey explains his theory beginning at 40 minute mark.

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