Meme of the Day: Cuomo’s COVID Party

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Cuomo has added almost half the U.S. on his list of states that require two weeks quarantine for visitors, and is boasting of his state’s COVID-19 response, complete with “New York Tough” posters.

Janice Dean, meteorologist at Fox News, who lost both her in-laws to Cuomo’s nursing home mandate, was not happy. She blamed their deaths partly on Cuomo, stating “we think that part of the reason is because Governor Cuomo allowed over 6,000 COVID-recovering patients into nursing homes for 46 days straight.”

Meme of the Day: Pelosi Crowned Queen of Debt

In 2,000 days as House speaker, Nancy Pelosi has increased U.S. debt a record $9.6 trillion, more than all the debt from all speakers who served before Pelosi first took the position on January 4, 2007. Spending bills originate in the House.

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