Did The Economist Predict Hamas Hang Glider Attacks?

The Economist Magazine from December-January, 2013 had an intricate cover illustration depicting the vices of various world leaders, but interestingly depicted Hamas using hang gliders vs. Israel.

If you search for “Hamas and hang gliders” from 2010 to 2013 you will find nothing. The only story we found was from an archive in 1981 about the failure of a few Palestinians using them. Send us a note if you find out more.

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Hidden nuggets often adorn the cover of The Economist. In the 2015 cover below, notice the obscure gender-bending Clown Fish, which develops as male then switches to female. The pied piper, who traditionally lures children, seems to be aimed at the transgender fish.

There is also an angry tortoise, logo of the evolutionary socialist Fabian Society, who yearn for a one-world government (and whose coat of arms is a wolf in sheep’s clothing).

A notable alumni of the magazine is Lord Mark Malloch-Brown, the vice chair of Soros Fund Management and the World Economic Forum and Chairman of Smartmatic voting systems in 2020 (Malloch-Brown was mysteriously removed from the Smartmatic website on Nov. 12, 2020).

Their Bilderberg attending editor-in-chief and its staff have long been pimping a one world global currency, at least since 1988 with their Phoenix coin cover.

Sidenote: Did you notice the ghost holding a holiday magazine behind Obama’s leg, in the 2015 cover? Wonder what that could be about?