400,000 More Migrants En Route, Deadly Counterfeit Opioids Flood U.S.

Mexico’s cartels are making huge profits from the current wave of illegal immigration flooding the border, with 350,000-400,000 more migrants reportedly still on the way, which would double the 21-year record reached in July.

What’s driving the surge?

“They see him [Biden] as the migrant [illegal alien] president, and so many feel they’re going to reach the United States.”

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador

The DEA issued a public safety alert last week warning about a flood of counterfeit opioids laced with deadly fentanyl flooding the U.S. (Without mentioning the border.)

Migrants are not being forced to get experimental jabs, but border patrol agents are facing termination if not jabbed by November 22.

If what’s happening with law enforcement resignations in Seattle, San Francisco and Massachusetts over jab mandates is any indicator, expect the border patrol numbers to weaken at the worst time.

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One World Religion Plans Not Derailed By COVID-19

Pope Francis (Jorge Bergoglio) and the Vatican published the encyclical “Fratelli Tutti” exactly one year after holding a pagan Pachamama idol worship on Oct. 4, 2019 in the Vatican Gardens prior to the Amazon Synod.

Bishop Athanasius Schneider condemned Bergoglio’s Pachamama idol worship, stating “we cannot do that, [because] it would seem that we indirectly recognize their cults,” and “that is against the entire Gospel, against the entire proclamation of the Church of 2,000 years.”

However, the “Fratelli Tutti” (“Brothers All”) enyclical, received high praise from the Jesuits’ American Magazine, which cited COVID-19 for highlighting racial and social injustice in the world, especially for migrants and refugees.


Inter-religious outreach has dominated the agenda of the first Jesuit Pope, who has also given strong financial support for open borders.

If the Vatican is on a pathway to a one world religion it does not sit well with traditional Catholics, Sedevacantists (who believe the Holy See has been vacant since the death of Pope Pius XII in 1958) and those who think the election of Pope Francis was invalid therefore Benedict XVI is still Pope.

“The type of unity they desire is for a unified one-world government, and whatever a unified one-world religion can do to bring this about, all the better.”

Church Militant’s” response to Fratelli Tutti

The Vatican recently signed onto the planning of the “Abrahamic Family House” that equates Christianity, Judaism, Islam and a diversity of religions.

Bergoglio responded to a reporter on June 10, 2020 asking about a United Nations’ decision, “If we consider ourselves humanity, when they make statements, our duty is to obey.”

In a June 29, 2020 homily, Bergoglio, who has openly criticized President Trump, lamented criticizing world leaders, oddly stated “It is pointless, even tedious, for Christians to waste their time complaining about the world, about society, about everything that is not right.”

Francis of Assisi is cited as one inspiration for “Fratelli Tutti” (and Bergoglio’s chosen papal name) who Bergoglio says urged “all forms of hostility or conflict be avoided and that a humble and fraternal ‘subjection’ be shown to those who did not share his faith.”

Dr. Greg Abbott, writing in Catholic World Report, thinks Bergoglio misinterprets Assisi’s encounter with Sultan Malik-el-Kamil in Egypt: “Francis wasn’t there for an exchange of diplomatic pleasantries. He wanted to convert the Sultan to Christianity through word and action.”


The earliest worldwide detection of SARS CoV-2 has been found in sewage samples in Brazil and Italy.

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Jesuit Cardinal Says Europe Needs to Open Its Borders

Non-profits helping illegal immigration and open borders into the United States is funded by both George Soros and Jesuit-controlled Catholic organizations.

Jesuit Cardinal Jean-Claude Hollerich, the President of the Commission of the Bishops’ Conferences of the European Community, is calling for Europe to open its borders for more Libyan refugees, who recently burned down their camp in Greece and are refusing to relocate.

Hollerich said that Pope Francis believes, “Europe is the ultimate guarantor of a form of multilateralism that ensures a certain degree of peace and justice.”

Libya has been in turmoil since the Obama Administration and NATO bombed the country during 26,000 sorties and let loose the Arab Spring, leading to regime change, Islamic extremism and a resurgence of slave markets.

The Pope preached against criticizing world leaders during a June homily (unless it is Trump.) “It is pointless, even tedious, for Christians to waste their time complaining about the world, about society, about everything that is not right,” said Francis.

Is the Pope not practicing what he preaches from behind the Vatican walls?

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Biden Goes Full Bernie

Joe Biden released a “unity task force” on Wednesday with his new cohort Sen. Bernie Sanders, steering his candidacy hard to the left.

  • End cash bail
  • No arrests for violent teens
  • Rejoin the globalist Paris Climate Agreement
  • New Environmental DOJ (but still defund police)
  • New unionized Civilian Climate Corps
  • Remove laws that freed workers from forced union membership
  • End secret ballots for union certifying
  • Make school buses zero-emission in five years.
  • End private school vouchers
  • Medicare for all (but first optional)
  • End the border wall

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Surges in COVID-19 Cases Can Be Traced to Protesters and Border Proximity

Dr. Scott Atlas, a senior fellow at the Hoover Institute explained the recent spikes in U.S. cases can be attributed to crowds of protesters and proximity to the U.S.-Mexico border.

He pointed out that most of the cases in the Southwest are occurring in counties closes to the U.S.-Mexico border. And people screaming, protesting, and sharing megaphones can lead to more cases.

Reported increases in hospitalizations, he noted “is from the reinstatement of regular medical care.”

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Trump’s Wall Funds Frozen by 9th Circuit Court

California’s Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals froze $2 billion in border wall funding in a 2-1 decision in Sierra Club, Southern Border Communities Coalition vs. President Donald J. Trump on June 26.

The decision will be appealed in the Ninth Circuit and then will go to the Supreme Court. Read more at Breitbart.com

Wall progress

  • Miles built: 194
  • Miles to be built: 315+

Source: Trumpwall.construction

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