Pro-Lockdown Media Mounts Disinformation Campaign vs. Sweden’s COVID-19 Response

Sweden’s COVID-19 strategy of not locking down, protecting the vulnerable while allowing low-risk people to circulate and develop antibodies has boasted a decline in new critical COVID-19 cases with slowing death rates.

(Chart above) Swiss Policy Research

The New York Times’ declared “Sweden suffered a vastly higher death rate while failing to collect on the expected economic gains.”

However when looking at death rates of Sweden vs. similar sized U.S. locked-down states, one finds a different picture (August 4, 2020 stats):

New York8.332,719
New Jersey9.215,846

Also, a report by Capital Economics found Sweden was the only major economy to grow in the first quarter:

Meanwhile in the U.S., the media continues to report on new cases in the same dire manner as if they were deaths. Keep people afraid. Hurt the Orange Man.

New York Hides Nursing Home Data

New York transferred many COVID-19 elderly patients from hospitals to nursing homes, but won’t provide the number who then returned to die in hospitals. They are the only state not to release this information. (Gateway Pundit exclusive)

Fauci Fine Advising Church Behavior, But Avoids Specific Questions on Protesters’ Impact on Spreading COVID-19

Dr. Anthony Fauci has advised churches to require masks, practice social distancing and prohibiting singing, but refused to answer specifically on how protesting might spread the virus, during questioning from Congressman Jim Jordan on Friday.

“Should the government limit the protesting?” asked Jordan.

“I don’t think that’s relevant,” replied Fauci.

See more toons from the talented Gary Varvel.

Good News: Ohio Gov. Asks Medical Board to Reverse Hydroxychloroquine Ban

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine (R) has asked his state’s medical board to “halt their new rule prohibiting the selling or dispensing of hydroxychloroquine or chloroquine for the treatment or prevention of COVID-19.”

Pictured: A visual example of how the regimen of hydroxychloroquine, zinc and azithromycin works. More details in a June 30 study.

Fauci Accused of Misinformation by Yale Doctor

Yale’s Dr. Harvey Risch has accused Dr. Anthony Fauci of waging a “misinformation campaign” against hydroxychloroquine.

The crucial issues are (a) early treatment of (b) high-risk (c) outpatients with (d) HCQ plus zinc, [azithromycin], doxycycline etc. for (e) hospitalization or mortality outcomes,” Risch said. “Dr. Fauci, in citing all of the studies without qualification, smeared all over points (a)-(e).”

LIVE: Frontline physicians: Media, medical boards, bureaucrats blocked hydroxychloroquine for political reasons

UPDATE 1:15 p.m.: Live streams have stopped or are being removed by Youtube.

Frontline physicians are holding a live, day long media conference on Monday to dispel COVID-19 myths and have exposed the benefits of a hydroxychloroquine treatment denied the public for political reasons.

Takeaways so far

  • Members of medical boards would prescribe hydroxychloroquine for themselves and their family but blast the treatment in the national media.
  • Doctors felt threatened by medical boards for prescribing hydroxychloroquine treatment, labeling one doctor a “public menace.”
  • Dr. Armstrong explained how 35 of 38 of very frail, very ill nursing home patients with comorbidities were healed with a combination of hydroxychloroquine, zinc and azithromycin.
  • Doctors who failed with hydroxychloroquine used toxic doses and got toxic results, which was used to suppress the safely prescribed lower dose.
  • Google, Youtube and Facebook took down links to COVID-19 articles that could have saved lives, because they went against the WHO recommendations.
  • Lockdowns mixed with disinformation campaign hurt patients with other illnesses, that are missing from statistics or have been labeled as COVID-19 deaths.
  • Advice to stop accepting things that don’t make sense.
  • “Stunning” that death certificate operating procedures were changed during the pandemic to label other deaths as COVID-19.
  • 15,000 Los Angeles high school students have not participated in any online learning since schools closed.
  • Teachers unions are using the pandemic to lobby for more money and to hurt charter schools.
  • Lockdown has led to increase in child abuse, suicides, alcoholism.
  • Lockdown has led to decrease in cancer screenings and preventative medicine.

Coronaviruses: From Common Colds to a Pandemic

There are over 200 types of coronaviruses known so far, but only seven types are contagious for humans, ranging from the common cold to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The team at South China Morning Post has more details in an expanded interactive infographic presentation.

The first coronavirus (229E) was discovered in 1965.

Note: The flu (Influenza) is different from coronaviruses but can cause similar symptoms (CDC).

Doctors’ Group Demands Hydroxychloroquine Be Released

UPDATE: White House Petition to allow OTC use of hydroxychloroquine.

The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) has filed a court motion to release hydroxychloroquine to the U.S. public for the treatment of COVID-19. 100 million doses have been donated to federal agencies but have not been released.

The above chart was included in the AAPS court filing and shows countries that allow and encourage hydroxychloroquine have a lower case fatality rate than those who ban or discourage its use.

Doctors have had success with a combination of hydroxychloroquine, zinc and azithromycin. Zinc kills the virus and hydroxychloroquine opens up the cell, as portrayed in the visual representation below. A June 30 case study describes how it works in more detail.

Meme of the Day: Cuomo’s COVID Party

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Cuomo has added almost half the U.S. on his list of states that require two weeks quarantine for visitors, and is boasting of his state’s COVID-19 response, complete with “New York Tough” posters.

Janice Dean, meteorologist at Fox News, who lost both her in-laws to Cuomo’s nursing home mandate, was not happy. She blamed their deaths partly on Cuomo, stating “we think that part of the reason is because Governor Cuomo allowed over 6,000 COVID-recovering patients into nursing homes for 46 days straight.”

That Second Wave Smirk

Saving the world keeps Bill and Melinda Gates very busy with one media appearance after another. Make your own conclusions about this double smirk when speaking of the coming second wave.

The money shot happens at the 6:40 mark.

“So we, you know will have to prepare for the next one, that’s you know, I’d say is uh, will get attention this time.”

Bill Gates

Melinda was not wearing her inverted cross from the May 10, 2020 interview.

History on inverted crosses.

The Fauci-Approved Reconstructed 1918 Spanish Flu Virus

In 2005 Dr. Anthony Fauci and then CDC head Julie Gerberding approved the reconstruction of the 1918 Spanish Flu virus using reverse genetics from the unearthed genome sequence dug up in Alaska permafrost.

The influenza pandemic of 1918 killed up to 50 million people worldwide. An estimated 675,000 died in the United States where life expectancy was lowered by more than 10 years.

Dr. Terence Tumpey of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta and his team filled gaps in the 1918 strain with H1N1 genes and grew their recreated virus in canine kidney cells and hens’ eggs and then infected mice.

The strain manufactured in the lab generated 39,000 times more virus particles in mice lungs than a modern flu strain. All mice died within 6 days of infection.

“This would be extremely dangerous should it escape, and there is a long history of things escaping.”

Barbara Hatch Rosenberg
Molecular Biologist

The genome sequence was put on the GenBank database, so if someone wanted to recreate more of the Spanish Flu the technology is available.

Read the entire research article at Sci-Hub.

Surges in COVID-19 Cases Can Be Traced to Protesters and Border Proximity

Dr. Scott Atlas, a senior fellow at the Hoover Institute explained the recent spikes in U.S. cases can be attributed to crowds of protesters and proximity to the U.S.-Mexico border.

He pointed out that most of the cases in the Southwest are occurring in counties closes to the U.S.-Mexico border. And people screaming, protesting, and sharing megaphones can lead to more cases.

Reported increases in hospitalizations, he noted “is from the reinstatement of regular medical care.”

Florida Department of Health’s COVID-19 Report Includes Escalated Positive Figures

Hundreds of labs throughout Florida show a 100% positivity rate for those tested for COVD-19, as listed on the Florida Department of Health’s COVID-19 July 13 report, which is highly suspect.

Fox35 News in Orlando noticed the oddity and reached out to some of the labs, with one so far responding. Orlando Health told Fox35 that their figures should be 9.4%, not 98%.

Someone wanted to push Florida’s positive rate into double digits.