COVID-19 mRNA Jabs Failed, So Pharma Pushing mRNA Flu Jabs

Never mind that COVID-19 mRNA jabs can reverse transcribe into your DNA and they failed to reduce a third wave of deaths, now Big Pharma is going fulls steam ahead on seasonal flu mRNA jabs.

We checked the jabs’ effectiveness by charting overall excess deaths and when at least one-fourth of those in most vulnerable older-age groups had been fully jabbed.

The U.S. main death peak was already in steep decline and in Italy, one of the hardest hit countries, the second wave had already steeply ended and the jabs failed to stop subsequent waves.

Now Pfizer, Moderna, NIAID, Sanofi and others are moving flu shots into trials in a race to gain a chunk of an expected $10 billion market share.

Seqirus is also pushing a new experimental technology called self-amplifying messenger RNA (sa-mRNA) that tells the body to replicate mRNA on its own, in the hopes that less of a dose would be needed.

Only God knows what that will do.

Let Barack and Hillary be the first guinea pigs.

The Spanish Flu had peaks and waves similar to COVID-19, but without experimental jabs.

Chart data:

Italy jab data:

U.S. jab data: