Official Spills Beans on FDA Approvals and Big Pharma

Project Veritas caught FDA official Christopher Cole on tape confirming conspiracy theory notions that the FDA has been regulatory captured by Big Pharma.

Cole says “there’s more pressure to approve something,” but FDA employees still use data supplied from trials during the approval process, otherwise “it comes and bites the reviewer in the ass.”

Nobody will speak out about corruption, he says, because federal whistleblower protection means nothing when nobody will hire you.

There’s almost a billion dollars a year going into FDA’s budget from the people we regulate.

Christopher Cole

Cole was later shocked to learn he had been stung, during a call with James O’Keefe.

We wish there was a better way to dig out this kind of information but these people want to jab toddlers without knowing the long term effects.

We are running out of time.

PART ONE OF THE STING: Cole claims Biden wants yearly COVID-19 vaccines for all Americans, including toddlers, depending on future studies.

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U.S. People’s Convoy Route Revealed

So far, over 1,000 trucks have signed up for The People’s Convoy which will depart Wednesday, Feb. 23, from Barstow, California en route to Washington D.C.

Organizers showed a map on Newsmax today and will reveal meeting spots and future towns as they get closer to avoid counter protests.

They are demanding an end to the National Emergency Declaration concerning the COVID-19 pandemic. Read the entire declaration at

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Pentagon ‘Doctored’ Database After Huge Spikes in Disease Discovered

The Department of Defense has altered medical data from 2016-2020 in response to whistleblower revelations which showed huge spikes of hospitalizations and disease in the military’s Defense Medical Epidemiology Database (DMED) in 2021, after the COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

Attorney Thomas Renz, representing the whistleblowers, testified before Congress in January, where he presented the data, which included a 1048% increase in neurological cases for 2021.

The military responded by claiming the 2016-2020 data was only a fraction of the totals, creating the illusion of a 2021 spike. Renz claims this is ridiculous.

“We are asked to believe that in 2020, the year of what they claim to be the greatest pandemic since 1918, and despite the fact that it is documented that the CDC was also watching this database, no one noticed an error of 20 million-plus injury/disease codes per year,” Renz told The Epoch Times.

Subsequently, without any notice or press releases, Biden’s DoD began altering the data from 2016-2020, as shown above. This allowed the media to fact-check the whistleblower data as false.

The whistleblower’s presented their data under penalty of perjury.

You be the judge.

Reporting on this brings us no joy.

WATCH: Thomas Renz testimony before Congress

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Once Mandate-exempt Ottawa Police Harrass Mandated Truckers & Supporters

[CORRECTION] Original story said Ottawa police were exempt from the vaccine mandate, however the exemption only lasted a few days. On Oct. 27, 2021, the Ottawa Police exempted themselves from the vaccine mandates, citing “staffing issues.” Someone forced police to backtrack and on Oct. 29 they reversed the exemption, forcing officers to get jabbed by Jan. 31, 2022.

The Ottawa police, who themselves fought exemption from the vaccine mandates, continue to arrest and harrass Freedom Convoy supporters by ticketing and suspending licenses of peaceful truckers.

Police confiscated fuel from truckers, so Canadians have begun walking the streets with fuel cans.

The only violence has been from an anarchist who allegedly drove his car at four convoy supporters.

Watch below as a 78-year old convoy supporter is arrested for honking his horn in Ottawa:

See more memes from the talented @johnhackerla

See more toons from the talented Ben Garrison.

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Black Lives Matter funneled donations into separate charity to purchase the former communist headquarters in Canada

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Scotland Data Reveals Possible Antibody-Dependent Enhancement Deaths Rising

Public Health Scotland’s weekly COVID-19 reports are providing disturbing data on potential antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE) deaths from the badly-tested experimental mRNA jabs from Pfizer and Moderna.

Antibody-dependent enhancement is when antibodies enhance virus entry and replication, which happened to animals in pre-2019 mRNA vaccine experiments.

Using data per 100,000 individuals, (to compensate for the greater number of vaccinated), the deaths among the vaccinated are growing, according to The Expose UK. Their data from Scotland (charted above) used detailed info from 7,348 adults in prison hospital care, the majority being men (97%), aged under 40 years (67%). (Source: Table 16, Page 54 – 74% of those in prison had been vaccinated compared to 72% among general population)

NOTE: Pfizer continues its court battle to hide vaccine-approval data used by the FDA.

Vaccine manufacturers fool the public by using, for example, relative risk reduction (95%) instead of absolute risk reduction (.84%).

Even using Pfizer’s own misleading relative-risk-reduction formula for vaccine effectiveness, the jab’s effectiveness against death has been negative since at least Dec 25th:

More information at The Daily Expose UK.

MEDIA IGNORES LOCKDOWN META-STUDY: Johns Hopkins University economists found Covid lockdowns cut virus deaths by just 0.2 per cent

UK GOV. REPORT: British children up to 52 times more likely to die following a COVID shot

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