Covidians Suffer Significant Setbacks

Resistance street art, shown above, popped up in cities this week after D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser imposed idiotic immunity passports to enter businesses, most likely to hamper the March for Life rally on Jan. 21.

Thankfully, the Supreme Court struck down Biden’s OSHA worker mandate, but allowed the health care worker mandate to stand.

Biden’s solution to ensuing staff shortages: Bring back COVID-positive nurses. It’s science.

In the U.K. it took backlash from maskless government dance parties to get Boris Johnson to lift restrictions, including immunity passports. Boris, maybe look into socialized medicine killing off the elderly with Midazolam while you’re at it.

And CNN’s ratings are down 90%. Being Big Pharma’s bitch is no way to run a network.

INSPIRATION: Robert Kennedy Jr.’s speech from a huge rally in Milan, Italy (below):

There were 22,000 in the vaccine group. Over 6 months, one died from COVID. In the placebo group — the control group — there were 22,000 people, two died from COVID in six months.

That allowed Pfizer to tell the American public that the vaccine is 100% effective because two is 100% of one.

Robert Kennedy Jr.

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