NYT Reporter Admits “Ton” of FBI Informants on Jan. 6

Project Veritas has caught New York Times reporter Matthew Rosenberg admitting there were a “ton” of FBI informants among the Capitol crowd on January 6.

Rosenberg contradicts his own NYT story which claimed it is a false narrative that “the F.B.I. planted agents to stir up the crowd.”

“We’re [NYT] the ones, not Fox, not Breitbart, who actually went and uncovered the fact that like, there were a ton of FBI informants amongst the people who attacked the Capitol,” Rosenberg said.

“[The Left] were making this [Jan 6] some organized thing that it wasn’t.”

Matthew Rosenberg, NYT reporter

How Trump supporters were unwittingly funnelled into the Capitol on January 6 was organized however.

Rosenberg goes on to chastise his fellow young reporters for hyping their J6 “trauma”.

The next NYT staff meeting should be fun.

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