Part 2: NYT Reporter Admits Russiagate & ‘Steele Dossier” Coverage a Lie

The Steele Dossier “pee tape” and subsequent Russiage witch hunt that stifled Trump’s presidency was all a manufactured media hoax, according to statements by New York Times reporter Matthew Rosenberg in part two of a Project Veritas expose.

Rosenberg admits the dossier “of course doesn’t exist”, yet still worked with complicit national intelligence sources to concoct stories generating leftist outrage.

It earned the New York Times a Pulitzer Prize.

Rosenberg admits lying to readers is not good for getting subscribers or viewers but that’s how it is.

“It’s almost like nobody’s making a decision [at NYT]. Everybody’s like, the path of least resistance.” in order to get their stories approved by the radicals at NYT.

“The kind of person who ends up at the New York Times, there’s a certain amount of them who are very high-achieving, very neurotic people.”

Matthew Rosenberg, NYT reporter

According to Rosenberg, the Ivy League elite entering the New York Times employment have been subjected to a “certain amount of indoctrination” and they are basically privileged bullies.

We are in an ideological battle against well paid, professional sociopathic liars.

And outnumbered.

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