Vaccine Expert: Risk of “Global Catastrophe Without Equal”

Geert Vanden Bossche, PhD, a vaccine expert who has worked with GAVI, Univac, Novartis and the BIll and Melinda Gates Foundation, has released a warning letter to his peers on multiple dangers ahead regarding COVID-19 vaccinations.

Vaccinations save lives, he says, but vaccinating during a pandemic only helps the virus, since it can still infect the vaccinated, resulting in asymptomatic shedding of mutated viruses.

Furthermore, the experimental mRNA vaccines (used by Moderna and Pfizer) introduce a new antigen-specific antibody, which outcompetes the body’s natural defensive antibodies it would normally use to handle COVID-19.

He warns that when an mRNA injected person is subsequently infected with other diseases or a COVID variant, this antigen-specific antibody (for COVID-19) might again take over, but fail against a foe it wasn’t designed to fight.

See the full interview below. (Too much great info to shorten).

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