Hillary Clinton’s money train


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Cover of the Day

NYPD union head slams de Blasio for skipping slain cop’s vigil (NY Post)

Hillary Clinton’s resume

While the media witch hunts President Trump, remember what we dodged:


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Meme of the Day

GOOD NEWS: DOJ Clears Texas Voter ID Law (Daily Caller)

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Amazon Empire

Thankful for small business Saturday …

Western Civilization Under Attack

The results of President Obama and Hillary Clinton helping the Arab Spring …

Most of the refugees able-bodied men under 30.

Read more at The Daily Mail.

Greenland’s Coldest July Temperature Ever

Until NOAA or NASA alters the data to pimp socialist global warming redistribution of wealth …

More details at RealClimateScience.com

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North Korea Advances Missile Strength

July 4, 2017: North Korea test-fired a Hwasong-14 which could reach Alaska.

Read more details at Bloomberg.com

Project Veritas: American Pravda Part 4

Could CNN be this stupid? Yes.

CNN Threatens Meme Maker

The Internet responds …

It could be a federal felony (Gateway Pundit)

Meme of the Day

4th of July facts


Meme of the Day

The Cartoonist Defying Islam

Bosch Fawstin: Courage

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Declaration of Independence and Constitution lectures

From Hillsdale College