Russia Threatens Western ‘Decision-Making Centres’, After Biden Approves Longer Range Weapons

Dmitry Medvedev, the former Russian president and current deputy head of the Russian Security Council, threatened the West after Biden upped the Ukraine War stakes by pushing for longer range weapons capable of striking inside Russia.

The Biden Administration is planning to send MQ-1C Gray Eagle Drones (shown above) equipped with Hellfire Missiles to Ukraine, which are more destructive and longer range than currently deployed drones.

In an op-ed for the New York Times, Joe Biden’s handlers stated, “We are not encouraging or enabling Ukraine to strike beyond its borders.” after announcing he is providing “more advanced rocket systems and munitions.”

In addition to longer-range drones, Team Biden hopes to send Multiple Launch Rocket Systems (MLRS), also called HIMARS (High Mobility Rockets System) with a range of 185 miles.

Medvedev warned that if the new lethal aid is used against Russian territory, “the armed forces of our country will have no choice but to act to defeat decision-making centres.”

“But you need to understand that the final decision-making centres in this case, unfortunately, are not even located on the territory of Kyiv.”

Dmitry Medvedev

These statements came after Russia held nuclear readiness drills northeast of Moscow.

After 100 days of war, Russia controls roughly 20% of Ukraine along a 600-mile frontline.

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The Russian Navy has a total of 12 large landing ships operating in the Black Sea which could transport 4,000 infantry and 150 tanks to assault Odessa. Russian state media said on Friday they are “ready to perform tasks for its intended purpose in the Black Sea.”

Ever wonder how Western elites actually view Russia? Paul Massaro, a senior policy advisor for the Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe, tweeted a snapshot on Thursday.

Drone source: The Buzz’s Youtube channel

W.H.O. Plots Road to Serfdom, Vaccine Passport Required

The WHO’s International Pandemic Treaty has been roadmapped above, with plans to allow unelected bureaucrats control over local pandemics with the blessing of the Biden Administration.

The World Health Organization is meeting this week, but already chose Deutsche Telekom subsidiary T-Systems to create the global vaccine passport system with a QR code for every human on Earth.

The same Deutsche Telecom whose subsidiary T-Mobile pulled advertisements from Tucker Carlson’s show for not bending the knee to Black Lives Matter.

The globalists at this week’s World Economic Forum have additional plans for your global ID, like an “individual carbon footprint tracker.” (video below)

Think China’s social credit score system. Take the experimental gene therapy or lose your retirement plan. (Happening in China, folks.)

If you don’t use your phone enough, that could be a sign you are trying to evade constant digital surveillance. And if your “phone has run out of credit,” welcome to jail.

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J. Michael Evans, Alibaba Group president (above) spoke at the World Economic Forum in 2022 about “individual carbon footprint trackers” currently in the works. Link to video.

Quarantine resistance in Shanghai, 2022 (above). Link to video.

Wuhan Lab Recently Monkeyed With Monkeypox

The Wuhan Institute of Virology, of COVID-19 fame, cloned a large fragment of Monkeypox for recognition in a PCR test, in a study published on February 22, 2022.

The same Wuhan lab whose Deputy Director Yuan Zhiming said in 2011, had no regulation on dual-use technology, in other words, gain of function for military use.

A decade later, Zhiming made the rounds on American media denying a COVID-19 Wuhan lab leak.

WHO POWER GRAB: The Biden Administration is on board for shifting pandemic-response power to the World Health Organization. (Geneva letter)

Prophetic Monkeypox Wargame Scenario Foresees First Global Outbreak

A monkeypox tabletop exercise held last year, oddly predicted the week and year for the first ever global outbreak currently underway (see above).

The Nuclear Threat Initiative, founded by Ted Turner and Sam Nunn, ran the exercise in March 2021, which examined a nightmare scenario of an engineered version of monkeypox released in May, 2022.

Yes, it’s got that Event 201 vibe, with China’s CDC guy George Gao attending both events, as well as Bill Gates’ henchman Christopher Elias.

Currently there is one monkeypox case in Massachusetts and a suspected case in New York, with 92 cases worldwide, occurring mostly within sexual networks, according to the CDC.

Mass experimental gene therapy on billions could yield a clue to the first ever global monkeypox outbreak, but just thinking out loud.

In 2003, the U.S. had an outbreak, with 47 reported cases. After that, the next reported case was last year in Texas, following a resident’s flight from Nigeria.

JANUARY 2022 FLASHBACK: Pennsylvania woman who came face-to-face with lab monkey after truck crash becomes sick

The Visual Capitalist digs deeper into the background of monkeypox, below.

WHITNEY WEBB: Monkeypox fears may rescue endangered corporations

Hat tip Uncle Niko.

Deadly Consequences Loom for Mass Vaccinating During COVID-19 Pandemic

Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche’s warnings that a mass “vaccination” campaign in the middle of an epidemic would lead to more infectious strains of SARS-CoV-2 has come true, and now he is warning that continued “vaccination” will lead to a more deadly strain.

The virus mutated to become resistant to vaccine-induced neutralizing antibodies. Those antibodies are now non-neutralizing and actually helped Omicron become the second most contagious virus on the planet.

Normally, non-neutralizing antibodies are also good. They mark a virus for destruction so other neutralizing antibodies and killer cells can attack a virus.

But the vaccine-induced antibodies are now helping it spread. by attaching to the N-Terminal Domain (instead of the Receptor Binding Domain) in such a way that promotes attachment to the cell surface’s ACE2 receptors.

Source for graphic above.


  • More infective
  • Less deadly


  • More infective
  • More deadly

But the vaccine stopped hospitalizations and death, right? Wrong, says Vanden Bossche.

It only appears the vaccine worked because Omicron inhibits the formation of syncytia between cells in the lungs, which in turn, inhibits cell-cell direct transmission. Plus the virus was already on the decline before mass vaccinations.

Each time a new copy of the virus is made, there is a chance for an error. The virus is only one mutation away from becoming more deadly. (See section “RBD core glycan addition drives neutralization escape” of this peer reviewed paper.)

The more we vaccinate, the more we suppress herd immunity and give Omicron the mutation assistance it needs, according to Vanden Bossche.

Source for graphic above.

BUT WHAT ABOUT MEASLES? Measles and smallpox are stable organisms, which do not mutate like coronaviruses. We have real vaccinations for those, which last for life.

BOOSTERS: CDC overrides FDA | Children 5-11


Structural insight into SARS-CoV-2 neutralizing antibodies and modulation of syncytia

A potential risk for mass vaccination?

SARS-CoV-2 vaccination can elicit a CD8 T-cell dominant hepatitis

Structural basis for continued antibody evasion by the SARS-CoV-2 receptor binding domain: Mutation danger if the virus “adds a sugar molecule at the location where the antibody binds to the virus.”

Omicron outcompeted Delta, does not form syncytia, thus inhibiting cell to cell transmission

Omicron variant is highly resistant against antibody-mediated neutralization

Scientists knew from SARS experiments this would happen, but did it anyway.

OPPOSING VIEW: All the vaccines prevent death and severe disease, and that’s what matters, experts say | Vanden Bossche refutes this at 42:30 mark in video above.

MORE MUTATIONS: Omicron subvariant BA.4 has arrived

Direct link to Vanden Bossche Warning.

Bad Mix: Biden-Mandated Car Kill-Switches and Communist China Drone Swarms

Who are we to question science and regulations, but imagine a future where your car is hacked and undriveable, then a pack of drones hunts you down to inject or kill you.

Communist China is aggressively pursuing drone swarm technology that can easily bypass obstacles and hunt track humans, even inside a thick forest.

A recent experiment showcased autonomous swarms that can maneuver themselves through cluttered environments while tracking a human, a step beyond the pre-programmed swarms at Olympics’ ceremonies.

Add to that, new cars as early as 2026 will be required to have AI “passively monitor the performance of a driver” at all times, which can disable the vehicle.

The regulation was tucked into the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill and sold as drunk driving prevention, but critics cite privacy concerns and loss of control to algorithms and a nanny state.

Joe Biden picked former Democrat mayor of New Orleans, Mitch Landrieu, to oversee the $1.2 trillion infrastructure spending and Pete Buttigieg will implement the new mandate.

Landrieu helped form a “New Democracy” group to battle Trump and MAGA candidates. Odd name choice since “New Democracy” is also a term for a stage in Chinese communism.

Bill Gates, whose DTV vaccine funding has killed more African children than saved, says there is nothing to fear about a “future of Terminator-style robots.” New discoveries have far greater “potential to improve our lives.”

So when you refuse your experimental injections and your car shuts off (and your digital currency is suspended) the drone swarm can deliver the final blow.

FLYING SYRINGES: Bill Gates has been funding vaccine-delivering mosquito research for decades.

ROBOFLY: Insect-sized robot capable of flight, ground, and water surface locomotion.

DNA HARVESTING: Gates collaborated with China firm caught mining Americans’ DNA.

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