China Beefs Up Navy, U.S. Goes Green

China now has the biggest numerical navy in the world, with approximately 355 ships and submarines, according to a U.S. Department of Defense report released this month.

President Xi (who could be preparing to make himself ruler for life) can also boast of the world’s largest coast guard, and is set to have 1,000 nuclear warheads by 2030, according to the report.

The U.S. outclasses China with aircraft carriers 11-2. China is close to finishing its third carrier, while it has been building mockups of U.S. carriers for target practice.

Meanwhile military priorities for the Biden Administration range from converting to electric vehicles to naming ships after LGBT activists.

BAD TIMING: It was revealed this week that for 33 years, strength tests were falsified for half the steel produced for U.S. submarines.

It might mean nothing, but Chinese citizens were told to stock up on supplies for the next few months. It’s odd that never happened during the pandemic.

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Climate Hypocrites United in Glasgow, Agreed to Continue Looting

Diabolical narcissists gathered in their private jets and motorcades this week at COP26 in Scotland and agreed to use $130 trillion they control to decide how the planet will spend its money (minus China and Russia).

The same chap who wants a global libra-like currency to replace the dollar’s dominance has set up a global group of net-zero carbon emission alliances.

And only last month nations agreed on a 15% global minimum corporate tax rate. A pattern is forming.

Currently CO2 is on the rise, but its still near a 600-million year low. (Chart source, data from Department of Geology and Geophysics, Yale University)

The weakening magnetic field allowing greater exposure to space weather and solar flares is more concerning than CO2. But if CO2 was as bad as politicians claim, temperature changes still happen first, then CO2 levels change. In other words, CO2 lags temperature, by thousands of years.

Furthermore, human activity is a small part of overall CO2 emissions. Ongoing studies at the Katla volcano are dispelling the “consensus” that man is a greater contributor to CO2 than volcanos. Termites emit more than human fossil-fuel consumption or emissions from delicious cows.

Elites must know something more dangerous than a few degrees rise in temperature is coming. They have been preparing bug-out mansions for the past decade. Either it’s the magnetic pole shift (which is overdue), the second biological attack or insurance for when the pitchforks come out.

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Judeo-Christian Values: Experimental Jabs for Kids

On October 29 the FDA approved emergency authorization for COVID-19 experimental vaccines on children between the ages of 5 and 11.

Israel had been waiting for the U.S. to approve jabbing kids, so they will be next in line. China is already jabbing children as young as 3.

A new Lancet study has showed the vaccinated can be just as infectious as the unvaccinated, so if the goal is to stop the spread to grandparents, it won’t work.

Good timing for Catholic Joe Biden, who got his blessings from Pope Francis today, because apparently Novus Ordo Catholicism is now pro-abortion and pro-vaccine-mandates.

Not to be outdone: Illinois passed their last barrier to abortion by allowing teens to get abortions without parental consent.

Governor Concealing Plans for Vaccine Mandates, Waiting Until Post-Election

Project Veritas has exposed New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy’s plans for widespread vaccine mandates, which is being kept secret to boost Murphy’s relection bid on Nov. 2, 2021.

Wendy Martinez, the Hispanic outreach director for Murphy’s campaign revealed the mandate plans to an undercover reporter this week. Murphy is running for his second term against Republican Jack Ciattarelli and his lead has been slipping.

“They’re into all the sht. My rights, my sht. They don’t care if they kill everybody.”

Wendy Martinez, Hispanic outreach director to N.J. Gov. Phil Murphy

State governors and corporations are hopping on board Biden’s mandate train despite his executive order still missing in action. Biden knows once its on paper, the lawsuits can begin.

Follow the {political} science…

Is There Anything Fauci Won’t Fund?

Anthony Fauci approved funding for multiple experiments on beagles, which included locking their heads in cages filled with feasting sand flies. The dogs were then killed.

The nonprofit White Coat Waste Project revealed the dogs also had their vocal cords removed so the scientists were not bothered by the torture. Some in Congress are demanding answers.

White Coat Waste Project was among those who uncovered Fauci’s funding of gain-of-function coronavirus research to the Wuhan Lab.

Between 1985 and 2005, Fauci approved AIDS drug testing on 532 sick foster children with AIDS, 80 of whom died. Government officials couldn’t find records that the deaths were due to the experimental treatments or if the children might have died regardless. The drugs had already shown serious side effects in adults.

Flash forward and now they are approving experimental COVID-19 shots for children. Remember, the FDA approved a Pfizer version not yet available in the United States. Read more on the Pfizer bait and switch.

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Nations to Meet in China for Newest Globalist Land Grab for the Common Good

The “30 for 30 land-grab” is back in business, as nations have agreed to gather at Kunming, China in April, 2022 to carve up 30% of Earth’s land for “conservation” in the hands of bureaucrats.

Sustainable development goals pushed by Agenda 2030 and the World Economic Forum hope to protect 30% of the globe’s surface by 2030, which sounds great until you factor in Marxist social justice and loss of sovereignty to corrupt career bureaucrats and the globalist corporations they serve. 

Joe Biden has already committed to the “30 for 30” plan via executive order.

The above map was created by Michael S. Coffman to successfully help Congress stop the previous United Nation’s Convention on Biological Diversity land grab in the mid-1990s. Coffman interpretated the UN’s written plans of corridors and reserves into map form. (Archived site)

Now more things make sense…

  1. Biden moving Bureau of Land Management (BLM) from Colorado to Washington D.C.
  2. American land increasingly foreign-owned.
  3. Bill Gates becoming largest private U.S. owner of farmland.
  4. Biden “choosing” alleged eco-terrorist and population control advocate Tracy Stone-Manning to lead the (BLM).

Stone-Manning was allegedly involved with tree-spiking, where trees are sabotaged with metal spikes to prevent harvesting. Allegedly, she flipped on her friends for immunity and escaped prison time. 

“When we [In the West] have children, the planet feels it more. Do the truly smart thing. Stop at one or two kids.”

Stone Manning in graduate thesis

Stone-Manning also wrote numerous advertisements as part of her thesis, including the one below:

The Trump Administration had moved the Bureau of Land Management to Colorado to be closer to the people it serves and shifted land-use power back to local and state decision making.

Biden is going the opposite direction.

BIden leans in for the sniff, Feb. 2012 (image above not photoshopped).

Map courtesy Heritage Foundation.