FDA’s Bait and Switch “Vaccine” Authorization Still Shields Pfizer From Liability

The FDA recently authorized the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine under a new, currently unavailable, remarketed name of Comirnaty, whose name is intended to convey “community.” (or comrades)

Allegedly Comirnaty is the same as the current Pfizer-BioNTech mRNA vaccine but is “legally distinct.” in a way that allegedly does not “impact safety or effectiveness.” (FDA document, Page 2, Footnote 8)

How the bait and switch works
  1. Only Emergency-Use-Authorized vaccines are AVAILABLE to the U.S. public. (Immune from liablity)
  2. FDA-approves “legally distinct” Pfizer Comirnaty vaccines. (Pfizer open to liability)
  3. Corporations, military begin mandates based on FDA approval, but nobody can currently be jabbed by Comirnaty in the U.S.

Consult your doctor for medical advice, but you can only successfully sue for damages if you get the shot labelled “Comirnaty.” All other vaccines are shielded from liability.

Pfizer will be sure to come up with a way to shield themselves before Americans get doses of Comirnaty.

Dr. Dan Stock expertly explained COVID-19 vaccine dangers to the Mt. Vernon School Board…

Quarantine Hub Construction Begins as Australia Becomes Draconian State

Australian governments, expecting COVID-19 restrictions to last “two-to-three years” are beginning construction of “Alternative Quarantine Accommodation Hubs.”

The Master Plan has several layouts, with a successful bidder for construction already set. The plan says hotel ventilation systems were not designed for quarantine purposes, sparking the need for government facilities.

Sounds reasonable, if you trust a government that rushes to inject thousands of kids in a stadium without their parents and sends police to crack down on 12-year olds not wearing facemasks…

If you believe police in the United States wouldn’t carry out immoral orders, consider a high court ruling in 2000, allowing police departments to ban high IQ candidates.

Now meet Victor Dominello, a bright youthful New South Wales minister happily promoting vaccine passports that he helps administer with the help of Google and Apple.

Dominello was vaccinated a few months ago and forced to reveal on Aug. 18 that he has Bell’s Palsy. He has not made any connection to the vaccine.

The United States’ FDA warned about Bell’s Palsy among the vaccinated in December.

REMINDER: The interim FDA chief Janet Woodcock, who will be in charge of fully authorizing COVID-19 vaccines, also gave the greenlight for Oxycontin and other unsafe opioids.

Do not trust these people.

Emboldened by China, Taliban Declares Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

Taliban forces have surged to take over all of Afghanistan’s major cities, weeks after a key meeting with Chinese officials. Currently, Joe Biden remains in hiding.

Last month, a Taliban delegation met with China’s foreign minister Wang Yi in Tianjin, China, where the communist discussed China’s important role in the reconstruction of the new Islamic Emirate, which has trillions in minerals, discovered and mapped by U.S. tax dollars.

The USGS helped the future leaders of Afghanistan out, by making it the first country to have all of its minerals mapped from the air. Deposits of Lithium were found (think electric-car batteries), a market currently dominated from the “Lithium Triangle” in Argentina, Chile and Bolivia.

How did this happen?

The Trump Administration planned to have U.S. troops withdrawn from Afghanistan by May, 2021, only if the “Taliban have met their commitments.”

Mike Pompeo on Sept. 10, 2020: “The president has said whether it’s a year from now or three years from now, if there’s a risk to the United States of America, we’ll go in — I think he used more colorful language than this — but I think he said we’ll go in there and we’ll take care of business.”

The Biden Administration extended the withdrawal, and informed the enemy of an unconditional withdrawal date of Sept. 11.

Joe Biden’s withdrawal speech on April 17th: “In this moment there’s a significant downside risk to staying beyond May 1st, without a clear timetable for departure. If we instead pursue the approach where America U.S. exit is tied to conditions on the ground, we have to have clear answers to the following questions, just what conditions require, to be required, to allow us to depart. By what means and how long would it take to achieve them if they could be achieved at all?”

Translation please?

Aug. 13 NBC News screengrab. DHS worried about Trump supporters and anti-jabbers.


The poppy’s for pomegranates policy has failed.

Memes like the one above are spreading through Twitter, using the White House’s fabricated photo of Biden’s video conference from Camp David, with his Afghanistan team. (As evidenced by the clocks using Daylight Savings Time.)

CDC Falsifying COVID-19 Data by Lowering PCR Test Cycles, ONLY For Vaccinated

The CDC’s instructions for PCR testing of vaccinated COVID-19 “breakthrough cases” is biased to lower vaccinated numbers compared to the unvaccinated.

Higher PCR test cycles lead to higher false positives. Anthony Fauci let it slip in July, 2020 that any cycle threshold above 35 is useless.

PCR tests for the vaccinated are done at a lower cycle threshold of 28 or under.

PCR tests for the unvaccinated can be done up to 40 cycles, which is ridiculously high and could find anything in anybody.

We can not trust these people.


RULES FOR TESTING THE VACCINATED: CDC’s “Information for Laboratories” (archive.org) Starting June 30 2021, the link at CDC began redirecting to a “Packing and Shipping” page. (see screengrab below)

RULES FOR TESTING THE UNVACCINATED: “Instructions for Use” linked to from CDC PCR page.

Do you think this Administration would punish states with low vaccination rates?

If only there was a way…

See more toons from the talented Mike Shelton.

Blood Clots After Some mRNA Injections Could Be Warning of Future Long Term Heart Damage In Many More

Canadian physician Charles Hoffe has warned that the trillions of mRNA-vaccine produced S1 spike proteins from SARS CoV-2 vaccines could lodge themselves in the vascular endothelium, resulting in pulmonary artery hypertension, which he says is usually fatal after three years.

Hoffe explains, in the interview above, there are 40 trillion mRNA molecules per dose, with 25% remaining near the injection site and 75% uexpectedly escaping throughout the body, into cells lining the blood vessels.

The mRNA injection is supposed to stay near the injection site, but a study at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston showed the S1 spikes (designed to teach the body what to fight against) are “present beyond the site of injection and the associated regional lymph nodes.”

62% of Hoffe’s vaccinated patients had elevated D-dimer test results, indicating microvascular blood clots. Long-term, the S1 embedded spikes will result in a hardened heart pumping against greater resistance to get blood to the lungs, says Hoffe.

The comparative size of blood cells compared to coronavirus was illustrated above by the talented artists at Visual Capitalist.

An international study called “An Update on the Pathogenesis of COVID-19 and the Reportedly Rare Thrombotic Events Following Vaccination” also found concern, stating “The encoded spike protein and associated inflammatory responses may induce endothelial damage.

Viral-like particles lining blood vessels were cited from numerous studies by Edmonton researchers in a macro-study “Endothelium Infection and Dysregulation by SARS-CoV-2: Evidence and Caveats in COVID-19.” (Example below of blocked blood vessel from the study)

The S1 spike, shown below, has a unique insert which some suspect was genetically “inserted” into a bat coronavirus to make it infectious to humans. Read more: “Scientific evidence and logic behind the claim that the Wuhan coronavirus is man-made”

Background: Dr. Hoffe was reprimanded for speaking out against the dogma of the Canadian Health Authorities and suspended from working in government health facilities, resulting in a loss of half his income. Thereafter, his medical practice burned down along with most of Lytton, Canada in recent fires.

Another study: “The SARS-CoV-2/Receptor Axis in Heart and Blood Vessels: A Crisp Update on COVID-19 Disease with Cardiovascular Complications,” July, 2021.

Always consult your doctor for medical advice. Studies cited above for your reference only.

Media Fact Checkers Take Aim at Funny Meme, Ignores Biden Groping

USA TODAY fact checked this hilarious meme from the talented @drefanzor on Twitter to let readers know Biden didn’t really scare those children. Thanks media!

Our favorite recent USA TODAY fact check: False claims that Jeff Bezos is an alien, reptile draw on conspiracy theories.


The media is not so quick to fact check that Joe Biden pinched the nipple of the 8-year old niece of the Democrat Senator from Montana, Steve Daines, in 2015.

Daines’ niece revealed the details to Citizen journalist Jonathan Pasetti in a now deleted TikTok interview.

Without that revelation, it’s still creepy as hell.

(We redacted her face and name)