Rebel Pepper Toon: Man Becomes First To Be Reinfected With Mutated COVID-19 Strain

In Hong Kong this week, a 33-year-old man with no underlying conditions became the first confirmed patient to be reinfected with a mutated strain of COVID-19.

He had been hospitalized on March 26 and recovered on April 14. He was asympotamic for his reinfection, which was discovered after he traveled from Spain and the UK.

The mutated virus has 4-5 more spikes that boosts infectivity and is more closely linked to samples collected in Switzerland and the UK from July to August.

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War of Words Worsens With China

U.S.-China relations are worsening as Mike Pompeo and others in the Trump Administration have increased calling Xi Jinping “general secretary of the Chinese Communist party (CCP)” instead of President. Analysts claim the change is meant to hurt Xi’s image with his people.

Pompeo tweeted a picture of his dog Mercer playing with a Winnie the Pooh doll in July. China banned Winnie the Pooh movies, merchandise and images after memes of Xi’s alleged likeness to the cartoon character spread on Chinese social media in recent years.

Tensions are increasing with the spread of the Chinese Coronavirus, espionage at American universities, patent theft, belt and road expansion and the CCP’s increased presence in disputed areas of the South China Sea.

Bearcat Bests BLM Marxists in Wisconsin Riots

Riots erupted in Kenosha, Wisconsin after a black man, with a history of violence against cops and domestic abuse, was shot by police as he refused to comply and walked to his car to reach for an unknown object.

Armed Black Lives Matter Marxist rioters cornered Wisconsin sheriffs on Sunday, surrounding their Bearcat armored vehicle. See how it unfolded…

The Lenco Bearcat has models made for law enforcement protection in hazardous situations. It was vital in rescuing victims in the Pulse night club shooting in Orlando, used as a battering ram to rescue trapped survivors.

Infographic by the Spokesman-Review staff.

Cross Toon: Absentee Ballot Counting Failure in Detroit

Democrats are setting up to blame Republicans and scheduled changes to the struggling U.S. Post Office for their upcoming November mail-in-ballot scheme, yet key cities are already reporting widespread counting failures.

Officials in Detroit found 72 percent of precinct results in the poll books didn’t match the number of counted absentee ballots in this year’s primary. Most of the failures were in overcounting votes.

According to Michigan law, precincts whose poll books do not match the ballots can’t be recounted, meaning the initial results would stand.

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California Burning: Animated Wildfires from 1910-2019

Esri mapping service recently teamed with California’s fire agencies to create an 3D animated look at California’s wildfires from 1910-2019.

Wildfires in California are currently forcing the evacuation of tens of thousands after more than 12,000 lightning strikes has ignited at least 560 fires in the past week.

NOAA predicts increased near-surface wildfire smoke for next week similar to the projection for August 22, below. Check out for daily updates.

Meme of the Day: Germany To Mandate Dog Walks

Welcome to the dog nanny state.

Germany’s Agriculture Minister Julia Klöckner said this week a new law is being introduced requiring dog owners to walk their dogs twice a day for a total of at least one hour.

Further regulations are planned to enforce minimum and maximum temperatures for dogs and further rules for breeders, but how the laws would be enforced was not mentioned.

Pet adoptions increased in big numbers during the coronavirus lockdowns.

How to Detect the Liars During the DNC

The lies at the Democrat National Convention are piling up fast with more to come tonight featuring Gavin Newsom, Cory Booker, Pete Buttigieg, Tammy Duckworth and finally Joe Biden.


At least the lies distract from whatever this was…

Infographic on detecting lies from theundercoverrecruiter.

Meme of the Week: Biden Borrowing Liberally

Joe Biden has a history of plagiarizing, from law school to the campaign trail, and recently stole a phrase out of a Reagan speech, which has Bill Whalen at Forbes wondering if a “New” Biden is still possible at this week’s Democrat convention.

Biden is “the old dude not so much yelling at the kids to get off the lawn as he is letting them in the house to throw a democratic socialist rave.”

Bill Whalen

Animated meme above is from the talented @drefanzor and @DavarEchad.

Blockchain Voting Solutions Emerge, While Democrats Go Postal

Marxist organizers “Shut Down D.C.” staged a protest at Postmaster General Louis DeJoy’s home on Saturday and the Democrats are following their lead by rushing back to Congress to investigate the Trump Administration for allegedly tampering with the Post Office’s ability to deliver on mail-in-voting.

Meanwhile it was revealed the U.S. Post Office filed a patent on Feb. 7, 2020 for more secure blockchain mail-in-voting that was just approved on Aug. 13. (The filing was before the lockdowns and before the Democrats’ big push for mail-in-voting.)

While too late for this year, secure voting is also being worked on by the organization “Follow My Vote” as described above. Their idea is to cast votes as transactions, where a blockchain audit trail makes it impossible to change or remove votes.

More information on how the blockchain works with banks.