When Leftist Lawyers Cry, You’re Doing Something Right

Twitter’s top lawyer and the “Trust and Safety Lead” Vijaya Gadde reportedly broke down into tears over Elon Musk’s pending purchase agreement for the social media site.

In March 2019, on the Joe Rogan Podcast, Tim Pool tried to explain to Gadde the pattern of truth censorship on Twitter, but her comprehensive skills were weakened by years of liberalism.

“The most elegant way to adjust to censorship is to engage in self-censorship.”

A favorite quote of Vijaya Gadde, from an opinion piece by Ai Weiwei.

Gadde has described Trump as “ill-informed, evasive, puerile and deceptive,” whereas Hillary Clinton as “full of great advice and inspiration!”

Users have responded to the Twitter purchase with an outpouring of truths, like these gems from the wonderful Sara Gonzales:

Hat tip to Uncle Niko.

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