Ukraine Becoming the Bread Basket of Propaganda

The media is being caught red-handed pimping propaganda from the Ukraine Conflict, sometimes using archive footage to represent current events, much like the B-roll of crowded hospitals during the pandemic.

RINO Adam Kinzinger took time out from his Patriot witch-hunt to accidentally fall for several fake memes. So be careful out there.

STAY AWARE: Ukraine is allegedly urging citizens to make Molotov cocktails to defend Kiev and is barring able-bodied men from leaving the country. Propagandists can then use their deaths as a PR campaign.

Even the “Russian tank” rolling over a Ukrainian man’s car, in a viral video below, turns out was Strela-10 mobile missile launcher used by both sides. Now media outlets claim it was Russian saboteurs who stole it from Ukrainians.

So they just left the keys inside?