Inflation, Debt and Stimulus

The largest stimulus bill in history was passed two weeks ago, at more than $2 trillion. There are three methods of paying this back:

Raise taxes.

Print money


John Stossel has thoughts on each method at


Economic losses by the shut down will be close to $5-6 trillion, so printing even $3 trillion will not be inflationary, according to Armstrong Economics.

People will not spend the liquid capital, but will instead hoard it since they do not trust the future.

But, the destruction of capital goods is just getting started.

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Robert Mueller: Government Must Prove Your Innocence?


Special Council Robert Mueller held a press conference today stating “If we had had confidence that the President [Trump] clearly did not commit a crime we would have said so.”

Innocence until proven guilty is a key principle of common law and Western Civilization, which Mueller casually disregards.

Read more on the deep history of common law in a Supreme Court brief at

The Federalist explains how Mueller’s press conference proves the Russia investigation was all a political hit job trampling the rule of law.

Great Mueller caricature courtesy DonkeyHotey on Flickr

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