Official Spills Beans on FDA Approvals and Big Pharma

Project Veritas caught FDA official Christopher Cole on tape confirming conspiracy theory notions that the FDA has been regulatory captured by Big Pharma.

Cole says “there’s more pressure to approve something,” but FDA employees still use data supplied from trials during the approval process, otherwise “it comes and bites the reviewer in the ass.”

Nobody will speak out about corruption, he says, because federal whistleblower protection means nothing when nobody will hire you.

There’s almost a billion dollars a year going into FDA’s budget from the people we regulate.

Christopher Cole

Cole was later shocked to learn he had been stung, during a call with James O’Keefe.

We wish there was a better way to dig out this kind of information but these people want to jab toddlers without knowing the long term effects.

We are running out of time.

PART ONE OF THE STING: Cole claims Biden wants yearly COVID-19 vaccines for all Americans, including toddlers, depending on future studies.