Woke Army Sustains Heavy Culture War Losses

While we wait for Biden’s incompetence to set off WW3, collapse the economy and create a worldwide famine, at least there have been common sense victories in the culture wars.

Woke CNN+ gets the axe by new parent company Discovery.

Woke Disney child groomers lose special Florida tax status and about to lose self governance.

Woke Twitter board facing salaries cut to zero in Musk takeover.

Woke Peppermint Patty fake weeps over not being able to groom kids. (Her boss, Barack Obama, has dreamed of teaching sex-ed to kids since 2007!)

Woke Obamas’ podcast contract renewal rejected by Spotify.

Woke Piers Morgan, BBC caught deceptively editing Trump interview.

Woke Youtuber who purged Jordan Peterson videos gets cancelled.

Woke reporter Taylor Lorenz, still suffering from PTSD, outed as hypocrite after finding time to dox “Libs of TikTok” creator.

MORE GOOD NEWS: 26 Republican governors create southern border strike force ‘in the absence of federal leadership’ (PDF)