Watch Before It’s Gone: Ukraine on Fire

Amazon recently removed Oliver Stone’s documentary “Ukraine on Fire” from its rental lineup and after watching we can guess why. It deviates greatly from the Neoliberal’s current Ukraine-Russia narrative.

The 2016 film [with great motion graphics] gives a much deeper background than the current Netflix documentary “Winter on Fire: Ukraine’s Fight for Freedom” which glosses over Ukraine’s complex past in one second.

Stone interviews Vladimir Putin and former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych and digs into Nazi groups, NGOs, oligarchs, politicians and whatever George Soros is.

“NATO has expanded into 13 countries, up to the border of Russia.”

Oliver Stone, in “Ukraine on Fire”

The Netflix and Stone documentaries are like night and day in assigning causation for the recent Ukraine revolutions.

Stone has praised China and Cuba for their COVID-19 response so it seems he has a thing for leftists, which makes him an odd messenger to highlight the Obama State Department’s scheming in Ukraine.

It might make more sense now when you see WEF-graduates like Canadian Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland sporting a Bandera Movement banner (in her deleted and replaced tweet below). The Bandera movement was a Ukrainian group who fought with the Nazis against the Communists in WW2.

Freeland’s maternal grandfather edited the Ukrainian Nazi newspaper during WWII.

Red and black are the colors of Bandera. The slogan on the red and black banner dates back to the Bandera during WW2, translated “Glory to Ukraine”.

A follow up to “Ukraine on Fire” (2016) called “Revealing Ukraine” (2019) is still up on Amazon, but only for rent, even with Prime.

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