W.H.O. Plots Road to Serfdom, Vaccine Passport Required

The WHO’s International Pandemic Treaty has been roadmapped above, with plans to allow unelected bureaucrats control over local pandemics with the blessing of the Biden Administration.

The World Health Organization is meeting this week, but already chose Deutsche Telekom subsidiary T-Systems to create the global vaccine passport system with a QR code for every human on Earth.

The same Deutsche Telecom whose subsidiary T-Mobile pulled advertisements from Tucker Carlson’s show for not bending the knee to Black Lives Matter.

The globalists at this week’s World Economic Forum have additional plans for your global ID, like an “individual carbon footprint tracker.” (video below)

Think China’s social credit score system. Take the experimental gene therapy or lose your retirement plan. (Happening in China, folks.)

If you don’t use your phone enough, that could be a sign you are trying to evade constant digital surveillance. And if your “phone has run out of credit,” welcome to jail.

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J. Michael Evans, Alibaba Group president (above) spoke at the World Economic Forum in 2022 about “individual carbon footprint trackers” currently in the works. Link to video.

Quarantine resistance in Shanghai, 2022 (above). Link to video.