Special Forces Elevated In Stature, Will Report Directly to SecDef

The acting Secretary of Defense Christopher Miller announced today the Special Forces will now be on par with other military branches, and its civilian leader will report directly to him.

The changes had been authorized by Congress in the 2017 NDAA but had never been implemented.

With the ongoing news coup in progress against President Trump, he might need more loyalty. General Mark Milley refused to protect St. John’s Church from Black Lives Matter/Antifa and the deep state recently admitting they lied about troop numbers so Trump wouldn’t pull out of Syria.

Acting assistant secretary of defense for Special Operations and Low-Intensity Conflict Ezra Cohen-Watnick will now report directly to Miller instead of through “current bureaucratic channels.”

Cohen-Watnick was an aide to Michael Flynn, who Trump’s former National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster tried unsuccessfully to have fired.