Scotland Data Reveals Possible Antibody-Dependent Enhancement Deaths Rising

Public Health Scotland’s weekly COVID-19 reports are providing disturbing data on potential antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE) deaths from the badly-tested experimental mRNA jabs from Pfizer and Moderna.

Antibody-dependent enhancement is when antibodies enhance virus entry and replication, which happened to animals in pre-2019 mRNA vaccine experiments.

Using data per 100,000 individuals, (to compensate for the greater number of vaccinated), the deaths among the vaccinated are growing, according to The Expose UK. Their data from Scotland (charted above) used detailed info from 7,348 adults in prison hospital care, the majority being men (97%), aged under 40 years (67%). (Source: Table 16, Page 54 – 74% of those in prison had been vaccinated compared to 72% among general population)

NOTE: Pfizer continues its court battle to hide vaccine-approval data used by the FDA.

Vaccine manufacturers fool the public by using, for example, relative risk reduction (95%) instead of absolute risk reduction (.84%).

Even using Pfizer’s own misleading relative-risk-reduction formula for vaccine effectiveness, the jab’s effectiveness against death has been negative since at least Dec 25th:

More information at The Daily Expose UK.

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