Russia, Ukraine Deny, Biden Takes the Bait

Joe Biden is ramping up calls for more sanctions and war crimes tribunals, before all the facts are in, after alleged civilian deaths in a suburb near Kiev.

Russia denied killing civilians during its withdrawal from Bucha (near Kiev) and Ukraine denied crossing their border to attack an oil plant in Belgorod, 25-miles inside Russia.

Russia suspects video fakes and likened the rush to judgement akin to the alleged 2013 “chemical weapons attack” blamed by the West on Bashar al-Assad in Syria that UN investigators later found was committed by globalist-backed rebels.

The Mayor of Bucha had filmed himself happily announcing Russian troops leaving Bucha on March 31, the day of the attack, without mentioning any atrocities.

Biden (again) said Vladimir Putin is a “war criminal, but we have to gather the information” so we can have a “war crime trial”.

Russia is next preparing to capture Kharkiv and encircle Ukraine’s eastern region, as it redeploys units near Kiev to the East.

Meanwhile, in response to sanctions, Putin has relaunched the Ruble and increased its value against the dollar by pegging it to gold and key commodities.

In other words, 32 grams of gold could cost you $1,928 in the U.S., but only $1,600 in Russia.

Let’s Go Brandon.

GRAPHIC ABOVE: Vladimir Putin updated Russia’s “Unfriendly” list (courtesy Strategic Culture Foundation)

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