Russia Impeding Western Aid While Democrats Spend & Oligarchs Flee

Areas in Western Ukraine near Lviv were struck by missiles on Friday as Russia moved to cutoff new Western lethal aid entering Ukraine via Poland.

Democrats passed a $1.5 trillion funding bill to keep the government operational through September, including $13.6 billion for Ukraine, where previous aid payments have gone to be laundered.

Included in the new shipment of arms to Ukraine are shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missiles (MANPADS), Javelin anti-tank missiles, Stinger anti-aircraft systems and the kamikaze Switchblade drone (see ‘Taiwanime’ below).

Joe Biden took the opportunity to blame rising inflation on Russia, ignoring his own vaccine mandates, reckless spending and the idiotic “restoring science” executive order ending American energy independence.

Vladimir Putin responded, “This elite is not thinking about how to improve the lives of their citizens in Western countries. They are obsessed with their own self-serving interests and super profits.”

Sanctions against Russia appear to be backfiring as the Petrodollar loses dominance amongst a worldwide alliance shift. Nations are pondering how to deal with a feckless JoeBama Administration that could barely handle withdrawing from Afghanistan.

Joe Biden hoped to get inflation relief from Saudi Arabia and the UAE but his calls were ignored in favor of a personal invitation to Xi Jinping to visit with Saudi crown prince Mohammad bin Salman.


UPDATE: Oligarch Abramovich moves his two yachts to Turkey, escaping sanctions

Ukraine maps courtesy Institute for the Study of War

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