Quarantine Hub Construction Begins as Australia Becomes Draconian State

Australian governments, expecting COVID-19 restrictions to last “two-to-three years” are beginning construction of “Alternative Quarantine Accommodation Hubs.”

The Master Plan has several layouts, with a successful bidder for construction already set. The plan says hotel ventilation systems were not designed for quarantine purposes, sparking the need for government facilities.

Sounds reasonable, if you trust a government that rushes to inject thousands of kids in a stadium without their parents and sends police to crack down on 12-year olds not wearing facemasks…

If you believe police in the United States wouldn’t carry out immoral orders, consider a high court ruling in 2000, allowing police departments to ban high IQ candidates.

Now meet Victor Dominello, a bright youthful New South Wales minister happily promoting vaccine passports that he helps administer with the help of Google and Apple.

Dominello was vaccinated a few months ago and forced to reveal on Aug. 18 that he has Bell’s Palsy. He has not made any connection to the vaccine.

The United States’ FDA warned about Bell’s Palsy among the vaccinated in December.

REMINDER: The interim FDA chief Janet Woodcock, who will be in charge of fully authorizing COVID-19 vaccines, also gave the greenlight for Oxycontin and other unsafe opioids.

Do not trust these people.