Pentagon ‘Doctored’ Database After Huge Spikes in Disease Discovered

The Department of Defense has altered medical data from 2016-2020 in response to whistleblower revelations which showed huge spikes of hospitalizations and disease in the military’s Defense Medical Epidemiology Database (DMED) in 2021, after the COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

Attorney Thomas Renz, representing the whistleblowers, testified before Congress in January, where he presented the data, which included a 1048% increase in neurological cases for 2021.

The military responded by claiming the 2016-2020 data was only a fraction of the totals, creating the illusion of a 2021 spike. Renz claims this is ridiculous.

“We are asked to believe that in 2020, the year of what they claim to be the greatest pandemic since 1918, and despite the fact that it is documented that the CDC was also watching this database, no one noticed an error of 20 million-plus injury/disease codes per year,” Renz told The Epoch Times.

Subsequently, without any notice or press releases, Biden’s DoD began altering the data from 2016-2020, as shown above. This allowed the media to fact-check the whistleblower data as false.

The whistleblower’s presented their data under penalty of perjury.

You be the judge.

Reporting on this brings us no joy.

WATCH: Thomas Renz testimony before Congress