Generations Poisoned Through Propaganda and Toxicity

LGBTQ self-identification among Generation Z and Millennials is increasingly on the rise, indicating something beyond “born that way” genetics is happening to the nation’s youth.

Estrogen is accumulating in bodies through plastic products, soy and Big Pharma chemicals. There are even traces of birth control pills found in water supplies, although the bulk of estrogen comes from chemical waste and soy.

Our youth’s minds are being poisoned as well through endless propaganda and drag queen story hours, helped along by Disney and woke corporate media.

We are told we must tolerate whatever the Left dishes out to prevent suicides, but a Heritage Foundation study (below) found a spike in youth suicides in states that allow minors access to gender therapy without parental consent. Dr. Paul McHugh, former psychiatrist at Johns Hopkins, asserts people who push sex realignment are only promoting a mental disorder.

The Left’s culture war is also infecting children’s future aspirations. Western kids look forward to becoming popular YouTubers, while in China kids want to become astronauts. Yikes.

Transgender YouTuber Blaire White has noticed, “what used to simply be a conversation about marriage equality and treating those who are different than us as equals has become a cultural hailstorm.”

Is this all by design?

The highly popular 1950 Authoritarian Personality Project, in seeking to prevent another Hitler, determined that soft spoken boys who are more dependent on their mother scored lower on prejudiced tests. High scorers, or more prejudiced, perceived themselves with “rugged masculinity” and individualism.

In our opinion, a better way to prevent another Hitler would be to not sanction an entire nation of people into humiliation and create runaway inflation. We still haven’t learned that lesson though.

In 1955 the Marxist Frankfurt School’s Herbert Marcuse wrote “Eros and Civilization” proposing the lifting of taboos, “from sexuality constrained under genital supremacy to erotization of the entire personality.”

The current Michigan attorney general, Dana Nessel, said this week there should be “a drag queen for every school.”

The Left has stated their intentions to remove all societal guard rails, but they have gone too far this time by targeting children.

Pushback is growing.

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WESTERN VALUES: Norwegian feminist faces up to three years in prison over tweet saying biological men can’t be lesbians.

GOOD NEWS: Disney has lost $50 billion in value since embarking on culture war with Florida

An Alternative to Tonight’s Prime Time Propaganda Aimed at Patriots

Instead of the sham January 6 Committee’s kangaroo court tonight, check out “The Truth About January 6th” (shown above). Video link.

Tonight, RINOs colluding with Democrats hired former ABC News President James Goldston (the guy in charge when the Jeffrey Epstein story was spiked) to propagandize tonight’s January 6 hearings.

Today, the politicized FBI even raided and arrested the GOP candidate for Michigan governor, for being on the Capitol steps.


When Liz Cheney and crybaby Adam Kinzinger rely on lying Adam Schiff to tease tonight’s show, you know it’s nonsense.

DEEPER DIVE: Why was a Ukrainian fascist at the Capitol taking pictures with “horned Viking” actor Jake Angeli?

SOCK PUPPET: Biden repeats false claim that rioters killed police officers on Jan. 6

Image above from a great Revolver News expose on how Patriots were funneled into a breach site. Part Two of “Meet Ray Epps”.

TIMELINE: Instigators began trouble at Capitol before Trump’s speech attendees arrived

June 6: Looking Back on D-Day

78 years ago today on June 6, 1944, the Allies assaulted the Normandy beaches on D-Day, in the largest naval invasion in human history.


  • 160,000 Allied troops
  • 12,000 casualties
  • 4,415 deaths
  • 2,500 American soldiers died (The most of any Allied nation.)

Early in the invasion, the 101st Airborne paradropped behind the lines and assaulted Brécourt Manor, where three of four German 105mm howitzers were aimed at Utah Beach.

The HBO mini-series Band of Brothers depicted the Brécourt battle taking 10-15 minutes, but in reality it took 2-3 hours. Check out a great timeline at wwiidogtags.

D-Day infographic courtesy the Utah Beach museum.

Russia Threatens Western ‘Decision-Making Centres’, After Biden Approves Longer Range Weapons

Dmitry Medvedev, the former Russian president and current deputy head of the Russian Security Council, threatened the West after Biden upped the Ukraine War stakes by pushing for longer range weapons capable of striking inside Russia.

The Biden Administration is planning to send MQ-1C Gray Eagle Drones (shown above) equipped with Hellfire Missiles to Ukraine, which are more destructive and longer range than currently deployed drones.

In an op-ed for the New York Times, Joe Biden’s handlers stated, “We are not encouraging or enabling Ukraine to strike beyond its borders.” after announcing he is providing “more advanced rocket systems and munitions.”

In addition to longer-range drones, Team Biden hopes to send Multiple Launch Rocket Systems (MLRS), also called HIMARS (High Mobility Rockets System) with a range of 185 miles.

Medvedev warned that if the new lethal aid is used against Russian territory, “the armed forces of our country will have no choice but to act to defeat decision-making centres.”

“But you need to understand that the final decision-making centres in this case, unfortunately, are not even located on the territory of Kyiv.”

Dmitry Medvedev

These statements came after Russia held nuclear readiness drills northeast of Moscow.

After 100 days of war, Russia controls roughly 20% of Ukraine along a 600-mile frontline.

READ MORE: Ukraine’s Army is in very bad shape

The Russian Navy has a total of 12 large landing ships operating in the Black Sea which could transport 4,000 infantry and 150 tanks to assault Odessa. Russian state media said on Friday they are “ready to perform tasks for its intended purpose in the Black Sea.”

Ever wonder how Western elites actually view Russia? Paul Massaro, a senior policy advisor for the Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe, tweeted a snapshot on Thursday.

Drone source: The Buzz’s Youtube channel

W.H.O. Plots Road to Serfdom, Vaccine Passport Required

The WHO’s International Pandemic Treaty has been roadmapped above, with plans to allow unelected bureaucrats control over local pandemics with the blessing of the Biden Administration.

The World Health Organization is meeting this week, but already chose Deutsche Telekom subsidiary T-Systems to create the global vaccine passport system with a QR code for every human on Earth.

The same Deutsche Telecom whose subsidiary T-Mobile pulled advertisements from Tucker Carlson’s show for not bending the knee to Black Lives Matter.

The globalists at this week’s World Economic Forum have additional plans for your global ID, like an “individual carbon footprint tracker.” (video below)

Think China’s social credit score system. Take the experimental gene therapy or lose your retirement plan. (Happening in China, folks.)

If you don’t use your phone enough, that could be a sign you are trying to evade constant digital surveillance. And if your “phone has run out of credit,” welcome to jail.

See more toons from the talented Pat Cross

J. Michael Evans, Alibaba Group president (above) spoke at the World Economic Forum in 2022 about “individual carbon footprint trackers” currently in the works. Link to video.

Quarantine resistance in Shanghai, 2022 (above). Link to video.

Wuhan Lab Recently Monkeyed With Monkeypox

The Wuhan Institute of Virology, of COVID-19 fame, cloned a large fragment of Monkeypox for recognition in a PCR test, in a study published on February 22, 2022.

The same Wuhan lab whose Deputy Director Yuan Zhiming said in 2011, had no regulation on dual-use technology, in other words, gain of function for military use.

A decade later, Zhiming made the rounds on American media denying a COVID-19 Wuhan lab leak.

WHO POWER GRAB: The Biden Administration is on board for shifting pandemic-response power to the World Health Organization. (Geneva letter)