Chicago Battles Crime and Murder, as Mayor Lightfoot Removes Statues, Refuses Help

Chicago is in the midst of a surge in violent crime and murder which last week prompted Mayor Lori Lightfoot to respond by:

Civil rights activist Bob Woodson in an interview last week noted that Democrats “had to spend about $22 trillion on poverty money in the cities and as a consequence, all of these inequities that they have been talking about have been done on their watch.”

“When low-income Blacks wake up and realize that they are being bamboozled and hustled and scammed by people like Lori Lightfoot and others — they are going to realize that they must address the enemy within.”

Bob Woodson
Civil rights activist

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Coronaviruses: From Common Colds to a Pandemic

There are over 200 types of coronaviruses known so far, but only seven types are contagious for humans, ranging from the common cold to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The team at South China Morning Post has more details in an expanded interactive infographic presentation.

The first coronavirus (229E) was discovered in 1965.

Note: The flu (Influenza) is different from coronaviruses but can cause similar symptoms (CDC).

Doctors’ Group Demands Hydroxychloroquine Be Released

UPDATE: White House Petition to allow OTC use of hydroxychloroquine.

The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) has filed a court motion to release hydroxychloroquine to the U.S. public for the treatment of COVID-19. 100 million doses have been donated to federal agencies but have not been released.

The above chart was included in the AAPS court filing and shows countries that allow and encourage hydroxychloroquine have a lower case fatality rate than those who ban or discourage its use.

Doctors have had success with a combination of hydroxychloroquine, zinc and azithromycin. Zinc kills the virus and hydroxychloroquine opens up the cell, as portrayed in the visual representation below. A June 30 case study describes how it works in more detail.

Porn Normality Pushed on Kids During COVID Lockdowns

During the COVID-19 lockdowns, digital media platform Amaze launched at-home sex education videos on Facebook for kids, as part of the Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) curriculum promoted by Planned Parenthood.

One of the videos asks “Is it Normal to Watch Porn?” and answers the question with an enthusiastic “Yes!”

Massachusetts Family Institute, in opposition to the online series, asserted that girls exposed to porn are more likely to engage in high-risk sexual behavior, develop eating disorders and abuse drugs. Boys are more likely to become violent towards women.

Infographic courtesy Catholic Link.

“You Can’t Stop Them”

Ali Wentworth, the wife of “Good Morning America” host George Stephanopoulos, revealed in a new interview that she watches porn with her 17 and 15-year-old daughters since, “you can’t stop them.”

“They are performing and it’s dangerous to have boys see this as something women want,” she explained.

Probably unrelated: George Stephanopoulos infamously attended the 2010 coming out party for Jeffrey Epstein after Epstein’s release from a 13-month prison sentence.

Wikipedia Wages War on Conservatives

Wikipedia’s bias against conservatives is picking up steam as the 2020 election approaches. Recently Zerohedge and The Federalist were banned as sources after they criticized the Marxist group Black Lives Matter.

Editors censored information on Rayshard Brooks’ criminal past after he was killed in an officer involved shooting that led to riots in Atlanta. After the George Floyd riots the site has downplayed the violence and censored evidence of Antifa involvement.

When Tucker Carlson began exposing the Russiagate hoax, his Wikipedia page was smeared which has continued nonstop.

Campaign staffers of Pete Buttigieg, Andrew Yang, and Kamala Harris, had created or edited articles on their candidates in a biased manner during the 2020 presidential race.

Undisclosed paid editing is a violation of Wikipedia terms of service, but disclosed paid editing is a widespread practice.

With allegations of editors being paid to promote or produce content, we expect the trend against conservatives to increase exponentially.

Infographic from HongKiat’s Alfredo K.

Is This Finally the Most Important Election of Our Lives?

Joe Biden’s resume includes embracing segregation, making it harder to file bankrupty, ensuring student debt couldn’t be part of bankrupty protections, sponsoring the 1994 crime bill, backing the Iraq war, taking in more than $15 million since leaving the Obama White House and now possibly verging on dementia.

Angela Kelley at American Greatness explains how those should be the least of voters’ worries.

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Meme of the Day: Cuomo’s COVID Party

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Cuomo has added almost half the U.S. on his list of states that require two weeks quarantine for visitors, and is boasting of his state’s COVID-19 response, complete with “New York Tough” posters.

Janice Dean, meteorologist at Fox News, who lost both her in-laws to Cuomo’s nursing home mandate, was not happy. She blamed their deaths partly on Cuomo, stating “we think that part of the reason is because Governor Cuomo allowed over 6,000 COVID-recovering patients into nursing homes for 46 days straight.”

Are U.S. Citizens Being Slow Rolled Into a Social Credit System?

Silicon Valley corporations are already ranking Americans with a system and black listing conservatives before the 2020 election.

After news of China’s TikTok spying on iPhone users’ clipboards, will Americans wake up and start thinking about which cool App they download?

The creator of the Black Mirror series recently suspended their show citing the world is too bleak right now. One of their episodes featured a future social media credit score nightmare scenario.

Infographic from German company Bertelsmann-Stiftung.

That Second Wave Smirk

Saving the world keeps Bill and Melinda Gates very busy with one media appearance after another. Make your own conclusions about this double smirk when speaking of the coming second wave.

The money shot happens at the 6:40 mark.

“So we, you know will have to prepare for the next one, that’s you know, I’d say is uh, will get attention this time.”

Bill Gates

Melinda was not wearing her inverted cross from the May 10, 2020 interview.

History on inverted crosses.

Can the Washington Redskins’ Name Change Appease the Mob?

The Washington Redskins bowed to pressure from FedEx and others to change their team name (and have already decided on a new one to be announced), but can the mob be appeased or will it make them more unhappy?

Sports journalist Kevin Blackistone, a panelist on ESPN’s “Around the Horn,” said the team still hasn’t apologized after using the name for 88 years. “You’ve heard none of that. That’s what makes it so disingenuous to me,” he said.

Native Americans were polled in 2016 by the Washington Post and did not find the name offensive.

The Winchester Star in Virginia interviewed fans with mixed reactions. “I’m happy they’re keeping burgundy and gold, but the name change is certainly long overdue,” said Reed Prosser.

Clarke County resident René Locklear White, 55, a Lumbee Indian and retired U.S. Air Force Lt. Col. summed it up best:

“Why would a mountain lioness concern herself with quibbling’s of sheep?”

René Locklear White

The Cleveland Indians are now on deck.

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When a Comet Caused Panic

Before the flyby of Halley’s Comet on May 19, 1910, people worried that life would end when the Earth passed through poison gas in the comet’s tail.

A French astronomer Camille Flammarion warned he had detected cyanogen gas by analyzing light in the comet’s tail which the Earth would pass through. Most astronomers disagreed with Flammarion.

Adding to the concern was the death of England’s King Edward VII on May 6, 1910 after an illness of a few days.

Fraudsters sold fake anti-comet pills. People dug underground hideouts. Others prepared how to live out their final days.

Some, as pictured above, invented their own oxygen tanks with old tin lard cans in hopes of living through the event. (From St. Louis Post Dispatch Magainze, Page 2, May 29, 1910)

In the end everyone survived, even during its return on March, 1986. It’s next appearance is in 2061.