100th Anniversary of War Declaration vs. Germany

100 years ago this day, the House voted 373-50 to go to war against the German Empire, entering the U.S. into The Great War, later known as WW1. Once upon a time our elected officials voted before sending troops into battle.

False Flag Chemical Weapon Attack in Syria?

The Daily Mail deleted this story in 2013:

Allegedly the chemical company mentioned in the story sued the paper into deleting story. It is available on the Wayback Machine (link).

Hillary Clinton resigned as Secretary of State days after the story broke.

Somehow, film crews without safety gear, with HD cameras, were able to stream live from the war torn area quickly, showing rescuers without gloves helping victims of Sarin gas attacks.

The Susan Rice Benghazi Lying Montage

Obama Administration National Security Advisor Susan Rice lied repeatedly to Americans about the four Americans killed at Benghazi THE BENGHAZI ATTACK