New CDC Guidelines Further Divide the Country

The Centers for Disease Control, with its history of bureaucratic incompetence, has released their latest “advice” for how the vaccinated should interact with the unvaccinated.

Bottom line, the vaccinated still have to mask up indoors and even outdoors if you can’t social distance.

Yes, this is “advice” from the same CDC that sprayed more than six million homes with DDT during its initial years.

The same CDC that sent communicable diseases to Iraq in the 1980s which were used in biological warfare?

Ask Magic Johnson about bureaucrats “advice”, like Dr. Fauci pimping AZT to AIDS patients. $5 to make, $500 for a prescription.

And how is that CDC obesity program doing?

Maybe less CDC collaboration with Woka-Cola on selling sugar water might help.

And when we really need a CDC, where are the health studies on the effects of 5G on the human body? Guess we will wait and see on that one.

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