Media Admits Biden Laptop Authentic After Year of Dismissing as Disinformation

WARNING: Video above is PG-13

The New York Times and other media outlets have admitted a broad FBI investigation, including a grand jury, is ongoing into money laundering and foreign payments given to Hunter Biden.

On October 14, 2020 the media and Big Tech teamed up to purge the Hunter Biden laptop story, which is less about the debauchery of an elite son and more about the corrupt business dealings of a political gang.

The Biden gang was tied up in deals with Ukraine, Kazahkstan, Chinese military fronts, the UN Food Program, energy companies, Mexican oligarchs and even a scheme to recover Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi’s frozen assets (in return for a $2 million finders fee).

Hunter’s business partner Devon Archer was sentenced last month to one year in jail and $58 million in fines in other corruption probes.

Expect to see results on the Bidens after the government’s investigation into the Clinton’s alleged money laundering charities, or John Durham’s investigation into illegal spying on the Trump campaign.


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