LIVE: Frontline physicians: Media, medical boards, bureaucrats blocked hydroxychloroquine for political reasons

UPDATE 1:15 p.m.: Live streams have stopped or are being removed by Youtube.

Frontline physicians are holding a live, day long media conference on Monday to dispel COVID-19 myths and have exposed the benefits of a hydroxychloroquine treatment denied the public for political reasons.

Takeaways so far

  • Members of medical boards would prescribe hydroxychloroquine for themselves and their family but blast the treatment in the national media.
  • Doctors felt threatened by medical boards for prescribing hydroxychloroquine treatment, labeling one doctor a “public menace.”
  • Dr. Armstrong explained how 35 of 38 of very frail, very ill nursing home patients with comorbidities were healed with a combination of hydroxychloroquine, zinc and azithromycin.
  • Doctors who failed with hydroxychloroquine used toxic doses and got toxic results, which was used to suppress the safely prescribed lower dose.
  • Google, Youtube and Facebook took down links to COVID-19 articles that could have saved lives, because they went against the WHO recommendations.
  • Lockdowns mixed with disinformation campaign hurt patients with other illnesses, that are missing from statistics or have been labeled as COVID-19 deaths.
  • Advice to stop accepting things that don’t make sense.
  • “Stunning” that death certificate operating procedures were changed during the pandemic to label other deaths as COVID-19.
  • 15,000 Los Angeles high school students have not participated in any online learning since schools closed.
  • Teachers unions are using the pandemic to lobby for more money and to hurt charter schools.
  • Lockdown has led to increase in child abuse, suicides, alcoholism.
  • Lockdown has led to decrease in cancer screenings and preventative medicine.