Kenosha Kid Goes Free

Despite Joe Biden feeling “angry and concerned”, a Wisconsin jury found Kyle Rittenhouse not guilty on all counts.

The media and the Left turned a case of self defense into a trial about race and thought crime, nudging the nation towards civil unrest. They tried hard to convict:

  • MSNBC attempted jury intimidation by following jurors.
  • Police officer was fired for contributing to the Rittenhouse defense fund.
  • GoFundMe shut down the Rittenhouse defense fund.
  • The defense attorney awkwardly pointed a rifle at the jury.
  • NYT delayed a story on riot-destroyed Kenosha businesses facing insurance troubles until after the presidential election.
  • The FBI delayed releasing footage of Rittenhouse offering medical help to random people during the riots. (Jan. 6 videos have been delayed as well.)
  • Whoever tweets for Joe Biden, framed Rittenhouse as a white supremacist. (see below)

But in the end, the prosecution’s star witness admitted to aiming his gun at RIttenhouse while advancing towards him, forcing Rittenhouse to fire in self defense.

Hat tip to Storm Chaser for AR-15 tips.

Post-verdict update from CNN on Saturday night: “There’s nothing more frightening today than an angry White Man”