Kamala Harris Reveals Marxist Philosophy to Leftist “Squad”

Two days before the election, Kamala Harris has declared support for Marxism, while in a video conference with the leftist Congresswomen known as the “Squad.”

Instead of equality of opportunity, which is the goal of free market capitalism, Harris prefers government deciding equality of outcomes.

“Equitable treatment means we all end up at the same place.”

Kamala Harris to the “Squad”

In 2019, the non-partisan Govtrack rated Harris as the most left-wing member of the U.S. Senate.

Combined with Joe Biden’s promise to repeal Donald Trump’s lower taxes and the Biden-Harris campaign’s embrace of the Green New Deal we could permanently become a leftist country.


  • Open borders
  • Lower voting age for indoctrinated youth
  • Pack the Supreme Court until it’s leftist
  • End the Senate filibuster
  • Puerto Rico and D.C. become new leftist states
  • End the electoral college