Gates, Soros to Control New Test Kits As “Scientists” Quietly Abandon PCR Tests

The CDC has quietly posted they will end the false-positive-prone PCR testing for COVID-19 (Polymerase Chain Reaction) after Dec. 31, 2021.

Conveniently on July 19, 2021, a consortium led by Bill Gates and George Soros has purchased Mologic, creator of new personal type test kits, in a deal worth $41 million.

Mologic received an $11.8 million NIH grant on March 31, 2021 to develop new kits. As a bonus, Mologic specializes in “Nanoparticle technology implementation and optimization.”

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Correlation is not causation, but obviously the number of cases will rise when you test more.

And our trusted “scientists” were using extremely high PCR test cycles, which PCR inventor Kary Mullis explained, can lead you to “find almost anything in anybody.”

Labs routinely used PCR test cycles over 35, with most labs not reporting cycles used. Technicians in Kansas used extremely high 42 cycles throughout the so-called pandemic.

Sadly, Kary Mullis passed away from influenza in August, 2019. #WrongArmFauci refused to debate him on science. Now it is too late.