Election Week One: Media Don’t Matter

Arizona was declared for Biden by the media early on election day, but one week later media outlets are quietly removing the state. The Epoch Times has had the most accurate electoral map, shown above, all along.

The media falsely perceive themselves as presidential pickers as evidenced by Fox News’ Sandra Smith caught on hot mic, disgusted when an interviewee didn’t realize “they” had already called the election for Biden.


Dominion Voting, whose machines glitched in Michigan, was involved in litigation over “glitches” during the Philippine’s 2010 election, but they are still one of the major voting technology providers in the US.

Texas rejected using Dominion, stating “multiple hardware issues.”


450,000 ballots in swing states were only marked for Joe Biden, without any down ballot choices, according to Sidney Powell, attorney for Michael Flynn.

And by the way, Biden is already discussing policy with world leaders, violating the Logan Act, which got Michael Flynn in trouble with Robert Mueller’s bogus Russiagate investigation.

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