Biden and Dr. Fauci Signal Plans to Deal With a “Dark Winter”

Dr. Anthony Fauci has come out in support of a nationwide facemask mandate, joining the opinion of Joe Biden, who warned the nation of a “dark winter” ahead.

The good news is Fauci recently told CNBC “I haven’t spoken to the president in quite a while about the situation with regard to the outbreak.”

The “dark winter” phrase Biden used was the name of a pandemic exercise held in June, 2001 by Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. Other politicians who favor lockdowns and strict top-down government control have also begun using the term “dark winter”.

VIDEO: Dark Winter simulation videos shown during 2001 exercise.

PRECRIME: Daniel Andrews, premiere of Victoria, Australia, attempted allowing the arrest of citizens who might not comply with his lockdowns. When former judges and lawyers opposed, he backed down but disagreed the edict was excessive or open to abuse.