Climate Hypocrites United in Glasgow, Agreed to Continue Hoaxing

Diabolical narcissists gathered in their private jets and motorcades this week at COP26 in Scotland and agreed to use $130 trillion they control to decide how the planet will spend its money (minus China and Russia).

The same chap who wants a global libra-like currency to replace the dollar’s dominance has set up a global group of net-zero carbon emission alliances.

And only last month nations agreed on a 15% global minimum corporate tax rate. A pattern is forming.

Currently CO2 is on the rise, but its still near a 600-million year low. (Chart source, data from Department of Geology and Geophysics, Yale University)

The weakening magnetic field allowing greater exposure to space weather and solar flares is more concerning than CO2. But if CO2 was as bad as politicians claim, temperature changes still happen first, then CO2 levels change. In other words, CO2 lags temperature, by thousands of years.

Furthermore, human activity is a small part of overall CO2 emissions. Ongoing studies at the Katla volcano are dispelling the “consensus” that man is a greater contributor to CO2 than volcanos. Termites emit more than human fossil-fuel consumption or emissions from delicious cows.

Elites must know something more dangerous than a few degrees rise in temperature is coming. They have been preparing bug-out mansions for the past decade. Either it’s the magnetic pole shift (which is overdue), the second biological attack or insurance for when the pitchforks come out.

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