China-Based Biopharma Firm WuXi AppTec Receives $19 Million Taxpayer Grant in Biden’s Home State

Middletown, Delaware will be home to China-based biopharmaceutical company WuXi AppTec’s newest laboratory, thanks to a $19 million taxpayer funded state grant.

WuXi AppTech is a subsidiary of WuXi PharmaTech, in which George Soros once invested, but since then has become Asia’s largest R&D services platform.

2000: WuXi PharmaTech founded by Dr. Ge Li with a four-person staff.

2008: WuXi PharmaTech buys AppTec, a US-based company and renames it WuXi AppTec.

2011: George Soros invests $3.9 million in WuXi PharmaTech. (SEC filing) After 2012, the Soros Management Fund does not further investments in WuXi. (Research ongoing for the multitude of subsidiaries & LLCs where money is usually hidden.)

2012: WuXi AppTec opens chemistry facility at 666 Goaxin Road in Wuhan, China. (Seriously)

2015, May: WuXi PharmaTech goes from public to private in a $3.3 billion deal. (WuXi AppTech is still public).

2015, June: WuXi PharmaTech and Fudan University partner to merge WuXi’s human genomics database technology into the Fudan-led Collaborative Innovation Center.

Fudan University is a CCP-affiliated think tank, whose senior researcher Chen Ping said in May, 2021 that China “defeated” the U.S. in 2020, winning a biological war to put America “back in it’s place.”

WuXi AppTech is currently worth $68 billion, yet still, taxpayers had to foot the bill for its new lab in Joe Biden’s home state.

That must be what government bureaucrats mean when they claim they “created jobs.”

Hat tip: TruNews’ Lauren Witzke.