Chauvin Trial Hits Day 11, Rioters Can’t Wait

The trial of Derek Chauvin for the killing of George Floyd continues into Day 11 this week, as rioting and looting erupted in Minnesota late Sunday over another police shooting.

Daunte Wright, black, aged 20, was shot by a police officer as he allegedly reached back into his car during a traffic stop. Wright sped off, crashed into another car and died at the scene.


Lawyers for Derek Chauvin have displayed Minneapolis police training materials, shown above, which instruct on knee restraints against a combative suspect’s neck, despite MPD chief Medaria Arradondo denials.

Neck restraints and choke holds are authorized uses of force according to the Minneapolis Police Policy Manual. Some MPD officers were also trained by the Israeli Army on the neck-restraint method.

Applying pressure to only one side of the neck, which Chauvin did to Floyd, cannot block both arteries. Cutting off blood supply to the brain requires pressure to both arteries, the defense argued.


Why did the media downplay the toxicology report on George Floyd while riots continued across the world. He had a fentanyl concentration almost three times the lethal dose.

Why was a specific time of 8 minutes, 46 seconds that Chauvin held his knee on Floyd allowed to circulate for months before court papers revealed it was 9 1/2 minutes. (8:46 a.m. was when the first plane hit on 911)

Why didn’t George Floyd’s kids recognize their father on TV? #BlackFathersMatter (Hat tip Stefan Molyneux)


A 24-minute documentary on the death of Floyd by Centaur Film Works and George Parry, reveals more body camera footage and insight. (Hooping remark at 6m35s)

Read the full medical examiner’s autopsy report.