Varvel Toon: Voter Fraud Evidence Grows Despite Media Blackout

Its been a busy week for the media, full of voter fraud news to not report. Its a tough job.

Turns out the “burst pipe” excuse used to send GOP poll watchers home in Georgia was a “slow leak.”

Once the coast was clear the remaining poll workers pulled suitcases of ballots from a hiding spot and continued the count, giving Joe Biden the votes he needed.

All caught on surveillance cameras:

See more toons from the talented Gary Varvel.

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Trump’s Legal Team Presents Massive Voter Fraud Evidence, Media Ignores

President Trump’s legal team laid out their voter fraud case in a 90-minute press conference, citing almost a thousand signed affidavids under penalty of perjury, normally considered evidence, which the media downplayed and ignored.

This is not a Law and Order episode, where everything is neatly wrapped up in 60 minutes… clearly you have never been court reporters. Trials take time… this is basically an opening statement so the American people can understand what the networks have been hiding.”

Jenna Ellis, Trump attorney


  • Algorithms counted Trump votes as worth less than Biden votes (for example .75 to 1.25 values,) likely done nationwide.
  • When algorithmic cheating was not enough, Democrats RUSHED ballot dumps, quickly marked ONLY for Biden (no downticket voting.)
  • Ballot dumps double, triple counted.
  • Ballot signatures ignored.
  • Ballots backdated.
  • Same triple-digit number of ballots entered into the system 20 minutes apart in two different states, (for example 341,542 votes for Biden, and 100,012 for Trump.)
  • 100,000 Wisconsin absentee ballots NEVER applied for.
  • GOP observers corralled away from vote count
  • Voters denied equal protection, ONLY Democrat voters informed to fix faulty ballots.
  • Recount in Georgia is meaningless, counting same illegal ballots AGAIN.

The ballots nationwide in question are almost double the amount needed to secure a Trump win, said Rudy Giuliani.

Sidney Powell confirmed there was a raid to secure Scytl servers in Frankfurt, Germany, but she doesn’t know if the “good guys or the bad guys” got them.

The media ignored affidavids as evidence but demanded to see more, which would only lead to more witnesses’ intimidated and lives threatened.

Watch the cofounder of Smartmatic, whose code is in the DNA of every electronic voting company’s software used in the U.S., describe how a Venezuelan vote was off by ONE MILLION.

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Joe Biden Says Most Blacks Think Alike

Joe Biden spoke with black and Hispanic reporters via teleconference this week, responding to one reporter asking about Cuba, “What you all know but most people don’t know, unlike the African-American community, with notable exceptions, the Latino community is an incredibly diverse community with incredibly different attitudes about different things.”

It happens at the 32 minute mark below:

During the same interview Biden pushed back when a black reporter asked if he would be willing to take a cognitive test. “C’mon man. That’s like saying, you — before you got on this program you took a test where you’re taking cocaine or not, what do you think? Huh? Are you a junkie?”

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Stefan Molyneux’s No. 1 Philosophy Show Banned From YouTube

With over 300 million views on YouTube, the channel run by philosopher Stefan Molyneux was shut down on Monday, one among many in an ongoing pre-election purge.

The mob-inspired media have labeled Molyneux a white supremacist, which anyone who has listened to his videos or podcasts knows is false. Julie Alexander (The Verge), Matt Perez (Forbes), Matthew Rozsa (Salon) and Ebony Bowden (NY Post) are among the many who have slandered Molyneux.

Molyneux’s site is still up at Free Domain and his his videos are on Bitchute.

Over 4,000 podcasts on multitudes of topics are well worth your time.

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Data Manipulated by Washington Post of Unarmed Blacks Shot by Police

The lawyer for George Floyd’s family labeled what is happening to blacks by police in America as “genocide.” Tucker Carlson of Fox News used data from the Washington Post to go through each of ten cases where individuals were fatally shot by police in 2019. (Youtube)

After Carlson’s report the newspaper went in and added to the “unarmed” data, even using the case of De’Von Bailey who was reaching for his gun (Warning: Graphic video.)

Why the Washington Post would alter their own data is up to you to decide.


  • 1004 people were fatally shot by police. (802 identified by race)
  • 371 were white.
  • 236 were black of which 10 were unarmed.
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