The “Great Reset” In Your Future

The quickly approaching “Great Reset” is about getting rid of capitalism and replacing it with a fascist technocracy, explains Dr. Joseph Mercola in a new essay.

The elite’s problem: As the pace of technology quickens, the planet has become smaller and infinite expansion is over, requiring a restructuring of the world’s economy.

All life forms and every element of nature will be inventoried and managed by the state, cataloged and ID’ed by AI and used as financial assets for the technocrats.

Private property will be abolished, replaced with leasing or renting (if one’s social credit score is good enough).

Food will be tightly controlled with more GMOs and lab grown protein, with the goal of cutting meat and dairy intake by as much as 90%.

The population will be lowered, allowing the technocrats to enjoy the fruits of the planet at their whim.

It’s not a coincidence that Joe Biden and the World Economic Forum used the “Build Back Better” slogan. The question is, better for whom?

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The Future of Eye Repair

Well done video infographic on a future eye-healing medical technology.

Scientists are hoping a tiny nano-scaled, 3d-printed, nonstick-coated, spiral-shaped delivery bot (200 times smaller than the diameter of a human hair) can replace slow, irritating and painful procedures to deliver medicine to the back of the eye and the retina.

It will be years before the nanobots are ready for human testing. First is animal testing and finding how to dissolve the bots once their task is complete.

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