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  • Google Whistleblower on Election Tampering Faces Backlash

    Google insider Zachary Vorhies was visited by police for a “wellness check” after he sent Google election tampering documents to the Department of Justice and Project Veritas. Vorhies alleges Google sent the police.

    The internal Google documents reveal “product intervention” to black list web sites including Newsbusters, Gateway Pundit, Daily Caller, Rush Limbaugh, Michelle Malkin and hundred of others.

    Complete black list (At Project Veritas).

    Can Google keep playing both sides of the fence? As a platform, Google is exempt from being sued for their content, while they conduct business like a media company, skewing news and information. More at Project Veritas.

  • The puppet masters behind Ocasio-Cortez

    A casting call was made…

    The progressive Young Turks (named after a deadly dangerous group from 1911 that slaughtered over a million people) and the “Justice Democrats” are targeting moderate Democrats.

  • Stiglich toon

    New Yorkistan.

  • Trump Administration Good News the Media Hides

    The Trump Administration made great progress with jobs, retirement, health care, veterans, education, energy, budget, economy, draining the swamp, battling socialism, savings, foreign affairs, safety and irritating celebrities.

    All of the above despite 99.9% uncooperation from Democrats and a two-year Russian investigation.

  • United States Deficits by Democrat vs. Republican House Control

    Spending spirals out of control with Democrats in charge of the federal budget. Republicans are then demonized for cutting spending and labeled as hurting women and children.

    Socialists then print more money.

  • Ramirez toon

    It’s funny because it’s true.

    Courtesy the talented Michael Ramirez.
    (More Ramirez at The Weekly Standard)

  • Rising cost of college tuition infographic

    Democrats Making College Tuition Expensive

    2010: Democrats and the Obama Administration took over 100% of student loans. The media wrongly reports this will have “relatively little [impact] on borrowers. SFGate story

    Costs rise when competition and the free market is destroyed.

    New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has called for “free” tuition at New York public colleges. Free things lose value quickly. CBS report

    By — Extensive sources links . . .