Blood Clots Be Damned, Universal Worldwide Jabs Is the Goal

Note: Story edited to reflect correct name of Novavax vaccine and added links to vaccine types.

Johns Hopkins University has been preparing for a COVID-19 situation since at least 2017, when they ran a scenario to combat a fictional SPARS pandemic, culminating in a fictional worldwide Corovax vaccine.

Methods to convince the public of vaccine safety included forcing viewers to watch a pro-vaccine video before watching videos about side-effects.

Some noteworthy items…


Vaccine promoters have been telling us the mRNA jabs only linger in the body for a few days, to teach the immune system, but not so fast.

A new study has shown vaccine spike antigens were shown to exist in the blood stream for over two months in 11 of 13 health workers who took the Moderna vaccine.

Are antigens circulating in the bloodstream bad? Like everything dealing with COVID-19, the answer is complicated.

Some doctors call it “scary,” since they could accumulate in the spleen, bone marrow, liver, adrenal glands or ovaries.

Others say the amount in the bloodstream is too small to worry about.

Meanwhile, stop asking questions and take the vaccine says Fauci and a host of paid social engineers.

But this is not medical advice, so always speak to your doctor before choosing any treatment.

DIFFERENT TYPE SPIKES: The spike protein produced by the mRNA COVID-19 vaccination behaves differently from the spike protein produced during natural infection. The spike produced from the mRNA vaccine is designed to prevent binding to ACE2 receptors.

ASTRAZENECA, JOHNSON & JOHNSON CLOTS: A new study shows their vector-based vaccines are more prone to error (than mRNA vaccines) due to unintended splice reactions from the vaccine’s construction, which in rare cases could create a Soluble Spike protein variant that could possibly cause inflammation and clotting, even in the sinus of the central nervous system.

MORE ON BLOOD CLOTS: Autoantibodies (a type of misfiring antibody produced by the immune system that is directed against one’s own body) could be the cause of blood clots in severe COVID-19 patients.

BOTTOM LINE: Should we trust a conglomerate of Big Pharma, Politicians, Bureaucrats, Technocrats and Media who lied about hydroxychloroquine and are now villifying Ivermectin?

FOLLOW THE SCIENCE: Anthony Fauci knew in 2005 that Hydroxychloroquine was effective against SARS-CoV but condemned it throughout 2020. (NIH study)

Why? Did Fauci know SARS-CoV-2 was engineered and thus hydroxy would not work, or did he want to drive up vaccine and remdesivir demand instead?