Bad Mix: Biden-Mandated Car Kill-Switches and Communist China Drone Swarms

Who are we to question science and regulations, but imagine a future where your car is hacked and undriveable, then a pack of drones hunts you down to inject or kill you.

Communist China is aggressively pursuing drone swarm technology that can easily bypass obstacles and hunt track humans, even inside a thick forest.

A recent experiment showcased autonomous swarms that can maneuver themselves through cluttered environments while tracking a human, a step beyond the pre-programmed swarms at Olympics’ ceremonies.

Add to that, new cars as early as 2026 will be required to have AI “passively monitor the performance of a driver” at all times, which can disable the vehicle.

The regulation was tucked into the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill and sold as drunk driving prevention, but critics cite privacy concerns and loss of control to algorithms and a nanny state.

Joe Biden picked former Democrat mayor of New Orleans, Mitch Landrieu, to oversee the $1.2 trillion infrastructure spending and Pete Buttigieg will implement the new mandate.

Landrieu helped form a “New Democracy” group to battle Trump and MAGA candidates. Odd name choice since “New Democracy” is also a term for a stage in Chinese communism.

Bill Gates, whose DTV vaccine funding has killed more African children than saved, says there is nothing to fear about a “future of Terminator-style robots.” New discoveries have far greater “potential to improve our lives.”

So when you refuse your experimental injections and your car shuts off (and your digital currency is suspended) the drone swarm can deliver the final blow.

FLYING SYRINGES: Bill Gates has been funding vaccine-delivering mosquito research for decades.

ROBOFLY: Insect-sized robot capable of flight, ground, and water surface locomotion.

DNA HARVESTING: Gates collaborated with China firm caught mining Americans’ DNA.

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