An Alternative to Tonight’s Prime Time Propaganda Aimed at Patriots

Instead of the sham January 6 Committee’s kangaroo court tonight, check out “The Truth About January 6th” (shown above). Video link.

Tonight, RINOs colluding with Democrats hired former ABC News President James Goldston (the guy in charge when the Jeffrey Epstein story was spiked) to propagandize tonight’s January 6 hearings.

Today, the politicized FBI even raided and arrested the GOP candidate for Michigan governor, for being on the Capitol steps.


When Liz Cheney and crybaby Adam Kinzinger rely on lying Adam Schiff to tease tonight’s show, you know it’s nonsense.

DEEPER DIVE: Why was a Ukrainian fascist at the Capitol taking pictures with “horned Viking” actor Jake Angeli?

SOCK PUPPET: Biden repeats false claim that rioters killed police officers on Jan. 6

Image above from a great Revolver News expose on how Patriots were funneled into a breach site. Part Two of “Meet Ray Epps”.

TIMELINE: Instigators began trouble at Capitol before Trump’s speech attendees arrived