Accelerating Towards WW3, Kremlin Rejects Talks, Biden Sanctions Chinese

After Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky pleaded that World War III could happen if face to face negotiations with Vladimir Putin were to fall apart, the Kremlin rejected his meeting and busted out its hypersonic missile.

Russia allegedly used the Kh-47M2 Kinzhal hypersonic missile (nicknamed “dagger”) which travels at Mach 10 speeds (about 7,672 mph) to destroy an underground weapons bunker in the village of Deliatyn in southwest Ukraine.

The Kremlin also threatened a total severing of US-Russia relations in reaction to Biden labeling Putin a “war criminal” and the West sending more “lethal aid”.

The US countered by sending 50-year-old Soviet SA-8 anti-air defense systems to Ukraine “secretly acquired” after the fall of the Soviet Union. (Who makes parts for these now?)

Then, the Biden Administration decided today is a good time to sanction Chinese state officials for not opposing the Russians, but used the pretext of China repressing minority groups, including the Uyghurs.

How the US can mount a two-front economic sanctions war boggles the mind, with the collapse of the Petrodollar on the horizon.

We just passed a $1.5 trillion spending bill with hundreds of pages of boondoggles.

Kinzhal graphic courtesy

CHILLING: Russia released classified footage in 2020 of the world’s largest nuclear explosion from 60 years ago. (Video below)