Study on All U.S. Deaths Dampens COVID-19 Fear Mongering

A study in the John Hopkins newsletter compared total U.S. death statistics for 2020 to previous years and did not find data to sustain pandemic fears.

As shown above, there is a COVID-19 death spike, but it is accompanied by a decrease in all other major causes of death. The study’s author, Genevieve Briand, claims this can only be the result of “misclassifications.”

Also, as shown below, there were no spikes in the percentage of elderly deaths each week, before, during and after the COVID-19 heights.

Briand discusses her report:

The Johns Hopkins newsletter has since retracted the report, not for inaccuracies, but because it was used “to support false and dangerous inaccuracies.” Their announcement on Twitter received criticism from those who preferred to think for themselves.

The retraction added, “according to the CDC, there have been almost 300,000 excess deaths due to COVID-19.” although their CDC link doesn’t show that. We dug into the figures:


  • 2019: 2,509,265
  • 2020: 2,801,294 (+292,029, 11.6% increase)


  • 2019: 329,064,917
  • 2020 est.: 331,883,986 (+2,819,069, .86% increase)

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Pilgrims Discovered First Hand The Failures of Socialism

400 years ago, on December 21, 1620, the Mayflower crew landed in Plymouth Bay, but few survived to the first Thanksgiving in 1621. They soon discovered life could become even more difficult using socialist collective farming.

According to the writings of William Bradford, the Pilgrims’ situation greatly improved after they replaced socialism with capitalism, and allowed each family private property to sell the crops grown themselves.

Graphic courtesy the Pilgrim Hall Museum.

Trump Pardons Michael Flynn, Target of Obama’s Deep State

It will be a happier Thanksgiving for Lt. General Michael Flynn, who President Trump pardoned today.


  • Obama Admin. used false dossier, lied to FISA court.
  • Peter Strzok setup Flynn via illegal wire tap.
  • Joe Biden pushed using the Logan Act on Flynn.
  • FBI threatened Flynn’s son with bogus charge.
  • Courts bankrupted Flynn’s family through legal fees.
  • Judge Emmet Sullivan became both prosecutor and judge vs. Flynn.

Flynn’s attorney Sydney Powell now has more time to power up The Kraken.

Great work with quick video meme from @drfanzor.

Leftists Team Up On COVID Skeptics Not Towing The Line

“Skeptics” of the coronavirus should be put on a list and denied access to intensive care, according to Swiss health expert Willy Oggier, in order to ease the burden for busy hospitals.

Oggier shared his views in the Swiss media, adding that mandatory vaccines make sense, after side effects have been studied.


As the election drama keeps most busy, fewer will question the untested and unproven technology used in mRNA vaccines, before its too late. All the better for the elite’s “Great Reset.”

Tracing the Etymology of ‘Jesus’ from Hebrew to Greek to English

The literal Hebrew word for Salvation (Yeshua) made its way to the English spelling of Jesus through centuries of changes.

The “J” in Jesus was allegedly popularized by the Geneva Bible, the same version brought to the new world on the Mayflower in 1620.

The 1611 publication of the King James Bible used the Iesus spelling, but later versions used Jesus.

Read more, and how Jesus is pronounced in other languages at

Trump’s Legal Team Presents Massive Voter Fraud Evidence, Media Ignores

President Trump’s legal team laid out their voter fraud case in a 90-minute press conference, citing almost a thousand signed affidavids under penalty of perjury, normally considered evidence, which the media downplayed and ignored.

This is not a Law and Order episode, where everything is neatly wrapped up in 60 minutes… clearly you have never been court reporters. Trials take time… this is basically an opening statement so the American people can understand what the networks have been hiding.”

Jenna Ellis, Trump attorney


  • Algorithms counted Trump votes as worth less than Biden votes (for example .75 to 1.25 values,) likely done nationwide.
  • When algorithmic cheating was not enough, Democrats RUSHED ballot dumps, quickly marked ONLY for Biden (no downticket voting.)
  • Ballot dumps double, triple counted.
  • Ballot signatures ignored.
  • Ballots backdated.
  • Same triple-digit number of ballots entered into the system 20 minutes apart in two different states, (for example 341,542 votes for Biden, and 100,012 for Trump.)
  • 100,000 Wisconsin absentee ballots NEVER applied for.
  • GOP observers corralled away from vote count
  • Voters denied equal protection, ONLY Democrat voters informed to fix faulty ballots.
  • Recount in Georgia is meaningless, counting same illegal ballots AGAIN.

The ballots nationwide in question are almost double the amount needed to secure a Trump win, said Rudy Giuliani.

Sidney Powell confirmed there was a raid to secure Scytl servers in Frankfurt, Germany, but she doesn’t know if the “good guys or the bad guys” got them.

The media ignored affidavids as evidence but demanded to see more, which would only lead to more witnesses’ intimidated and lives threatened.

Watch the cofounder of Smartmatic, whose code is in the DNA of every electronic voting company’s software used in the U.S., describe how a Venezuelan vote was off by ONE MILLION.

Special Forces Elevated In Stature, Will Report Directly to SecDef

The acting Secretary of Defense Christopher Miller announced today the Special Forces will now be on par with other military branches, and its civilian leader will report directly to him.

The changes had been authorized by Congress in the 2017 NDAA but had never been implemented.

With the ongoing news coup in progress against President Trump, he might need more loyalty. General Mark Milley refused to protect St. John’s Church from Black Lives Matter/Antifa and the deep state recently admitting they lied about troop numbers so Trump wouldn’t pull out of Syria.

Acting assistant secretary of defense for Special Operations and Low-Intensity Conflict Ezra Cohen-Watnick will now report directly to Miller instead of through “current bureaucratic channels.”

Cohen-Watnick was an aide to Michael Flynn, who Trump’s former National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster tried unsuccessfully to have fired.

The “Great Reset” In Your Future

The quickly approaching “Great Reset” is about getting rid of capitalism and replacing it with a fascist technocracy, explains Dr. Joseph Mercola in a new essay.

The elite’s problem: As the pace of technology quickens, the planet has become smaller and infinite expansion is over, requiring a restructuring of the world’s economy.

All life forms and every element of nature will be inventoried and managed by the state, cataloged and ID’ed by AI and used as financial assets for the technocrats.

Private property will be abolished, replaced with leasing or renting (if one’s social credit score is good enough).

Food will be tightly controlled with more GMOs and lab grown protein, with the goal of cutting meat and dairy intake by as much as 90%.

The population will be lowered, allowing the technocrats to enjoy the fruits of the planet at their whim.

It’s not a coincidence that Joe Biden and the World Economic Forum used the “Build Back Better” slogan. The question is, better for whom?